Is Pokemon GO Dying? Latest Data Shows Steep Player Decline

A new Bloomberg article has found that gamers are steadily dropping Pokemon GO in recent weeks.

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New Jersey Man Wants Pokemon GO Gone from His Lawn, Sues for Trespassing

A New Jersey man named Jeffrey Marder is tired of all the attention his house has been getting since Pokemon GO’s release and is suing to make it stop.

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Pokémon Go: Who Are the Most Wanted Pokémon in America?

Can’t find an Abra? You now have a great excuse to visit Sunny California. Having trouble with legendaries? Not the Midwest. Here is the breakdown for the Pokémon each state is fending for the most.

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5 Reasons You Should be Playing Pokémon Go Right Now

Pokémon Go is finally here and the hype has already reached critical mass. Millions of people are flocking to the app store to be part of the movement, and for good reason.

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