N. American PSN Slash's 11 Games Prices In Half

Sony is looking to make a Hugh impact this year by the way of games and overall presence. Sony is giving gamers who own the …

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Sonic 4 Release Date and Price

Finally we have an official release date for Sonic 4 Episode 1. It will run gamers around $15 and each platform has their own release …

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Madden Countdown & Launch Goodies Tomorrow

Whos calling in sick tomorrow? I know the majority probably will be with EA’s NFL Madden ’11 blitz’s into shelves. Just about every retailer is …

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo Now Available For Public & All Consoles

UPDATE: We’ve tried to download the demo on both consoles. Having success with downloading it from the Xbox 360, we can’t say the same for …

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