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Play As Proto Man In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Much like the first Dead Rising, where players could rock the Mega Man uniform, Capcom has informed us of a new hidden costume to be …

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Mega Man X Headlines Latest Roaster of Nintendo Downloadables

Nintendo has released its latest batch of downloads for its three download categories across the Wii and DSi platforms. Headlining the list is the SNES …

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Difficulty and Video Games

Whether a game is hard or not could depend on the person playing said game. Some would argue that games from the retro era (Atari, …

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Mega Man creator to announce new game

At the end of this month Capcom will be announcing a new game. A new game from the father of Mega Man – Keiji Inafune. …

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New Mega Man Zero Collection Screenshots

We checked our inbox, and looked what we found? Yep, some more screenshots for you to drool over. Capcom sent us 16 fresh new screens …

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Capcom announces Mega Man Zero Collection

A Collection of the Legendary Mega Man ZERO Titles Bundled Together For On-The-Go Action! Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, today …

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