Will Smith to Star in the next Quinten Tarantino Twisted Western!

Yesterday, while down at the SAG offices I overheard a few people talking about Will Smith and Quentin Tarintino, two names I’m not exactly used …

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Gymkhana comes to Dirt 3 with revolution of a genre on it's mind

Think you can drive? Nahhh, you can’t drive. Not yet! But this year, Codemasters is letting you do something MASSIVE, and bringing Gymkhana to the …

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New Sonic Generations Gameplay Trailer

First of all if you are a true Sonic fan and don’t have a Wii, go drop the $200 bucks, and do yourself a favor …

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MICROSOFT AND AT&T: The special needs children of Corporate America High School, and Apple, the student voted Most Likely to Succeed.

Before we even get into this article, realize that this is all MY OPINION.  The facts are facts, but as for my infinite hatred for …

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Nintendo Ready To Usher In Another Gaming Revolution: Could This Be The Wii 2

Is an E3 reveal for the next Generation Wii too soon? My thoughts after the jump. Anyone that knows me knows that I grew up …

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