What's going on, at London Comic Con?

London Comic Con is just under a month away and it looks like it’ll be host to a plethora of pop-culture entertainment. Geeks and geekettes …

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Verizon Launches a "Prometheus" Interactive Sweepstakes; Win a Trip to London

Verizon’s Prometheus Mission Connect is an interactive game in which you utilizes a Verizon Android and the Verizon Smart Home Service application (app) to take …

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Facebook's Gareth Davis To Keynote At Evolve In London

Evolve in London have announced that Facebook’s Gareth Davis will be presenting the conference’s opening keynote. Davis, who was formerly with EA, Sega, and Pixar, is now …

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Mario & Sonic 2012

The partnership that should never have happened, but did, will return together again for the 2012 Summer Olympics that is set in London. This will …

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Alice: Madness Returns Packshots

EA has released the official boxart for Alice: Madness Returns, sequel to the PC game, American McGee’s Alice. Madness Returns takes place eleven years after …

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Nintendo and Apple Line Up The Customers

There is something special about the sight of a queue. It sends out subliminal messages – “there is a thing here you might want”, “this …

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