Lazy Sunday


Lazy Sunday – Financial News: Sony Bankrupt? THQ & Activision-Blizzard Getting Money, Snoop Lion

Enjoying your Lazy Sunday? Well let us help you enjoy it even more with a segment from this week’s Game Fanatics Show: Financial News with …

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Lazy Sunday Episode 5 | Let's Play Gotham City Impostors

This week we jammed some Gotham City Impostors.  Fair warning, I’m pretty rubbish at shooters. The only one I’ve ever gotten behind was Team Fortress 2, …

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Lazy Sunday Episode 4 | Let's Play Diablo 2

Alright guys. I’m pretty excited about this one. Greg and Kirby and I were playing some sweet DIABLO 2. That’s right, Diablo 2, one of …

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Lazy Sunday Episode 3 | Alien Swarm

So. It’s Monday, and I’m putting up a Lazy Sunday episode… because I was too lazy to do it yesterday! Haha… get it? April Fools? …

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Lazy Sunday Episode 2 | Let's Play League of Legends

Another Sunday has come and gone. Again, my day off was spent gaming. This time with League of Legends. Specifically Dominion mode. I was on …

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