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Dishonored 2

Get Ready for Dishonored 2 with Its Thrilling Launch Trailer

Dishonored 2 is arriving to stores this Friday and Bethesda wants you to plunge directly into the action with their launch trailer. Check it out!

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Halo 5: Guardians’ Launch Trailer Shows a Rogue Chief in Action

Halo 5: Guardians’ official gameplay launch trailer has just been revealed and it looks too good to be true. Epic battles, large-scale destruction, and a rogue Chief.

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Halo 4 Launch Gameplay Trailer

Witness the return of our legendary hero, the Master Chief, as he embarks on a new journey fraught with peril on the mysterious Forerunner planet of Requiem. Halo …

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Is This XCOM's Last Hope?

Attention retro PC  gaming geeks everywhere, the launch trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown is here!

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Launch Trailer for Transformers Fall of Cybertron

Here it is, the official launch trailer for High Moon‘s Transformers Fall of Cybertron! In twelve hours (eastern time), the highly sought sequel to War for Cybertron will finally …

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Ninety Seconds of Transformers Fall of Cybertron Goodness

August 21st cannot come soon enough, which marks the release of High Moon‘s Transformers sequel, Fall of Cybertron. Finally we’ll get to witness how Cybertron …

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Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer

A few days away from the launch of the game formerly known as True Crime: Hong Kong, United Front Games and Square Enix London has realeased …

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Max Payne 3 PC Launch Trailer Flies into View

Rockstar have dropped the official launch trailer for the PC version Max Payne 3 to mark the game’s release on June 1st.

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Far Cry 3 Insane Edition Announced for the UK

Vaas Montenegro; the man who has single-handedly reimagine the word insanity, is now offering us an insane edition of Far Cry 3. 

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Confrontation Launch Trailer Unveiled; Game Releases Tomorrow

Confrontation, the next RPG PC title by Cyanide Studio (who also worked on Blood Bowl and Game of Thrones video game) had its launch trailer …

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Watch the Official Warriors Orochi 3 Trailer!

WARRIORS OROCHI 3- OFFICIAL LAUNCH TRAILER  [stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A// img=x:/ embed=false share=false width=560 height=315 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /] Years after the battle against …

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Official Trine 2 Launch Trailer

It may have seemed like a journey getting to the release of Trine 2, but the journey has only just begun. Trine 2 is now available …

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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Launch Trailer

The official launch trailer for the revamped classic, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded, is here.  Fans of the classic N64 version will see a few familiar environments, …

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