Knack Review | How Does This Sony Launch Title Really Stack Up?

When Sony‘s PlayStation 4 launched last Friday, gamers had a wealth of digital exclusives and third-party titles to choose from, but slim pickings on the …

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Sony Reminds Fans of its 24 Announced Playstation 4 Exclusives

This week Sony released a commercial as a final push for its November 15 launch of the Playstation 4. The commercial highlights the Playstation 4’s 24 …

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Gamescom 2013 | PS4 Launch Titles Include Swarm of Indie Games

We now know when the PS4 will hit store shelves, and have a pretty good idea what you’ll be able to play on it.

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PS4 has 30 Sony Exclusives in Development

PS4’s first year just became even more exciting.

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Sony Confirms Vita Remote Play for PS4 Games

According to a “trusted developer source”, there is (finally) a brighter future and some exciting news for all PlayStation Vita owners; apparently, Sony has asked all developers …

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