Video Game Violence vs. Gun Control: Looking Past the Real Problem

With recent events such as the Aurora (Batman) and Sandy Hook Elementary shootings, the issue of gun control and violence has become the talk of …

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Battlefield 3 – Operation Guillotine Teaser

Here we have a teaser trailer for a full trailer to be released in a few days. Silly, no doubt. But – it shows off …

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DICE gives us a taste of the Weapon Customization in Battlefield 3

Today, “HBrun” over at the Battlefield 3 blog posted a new Battleblog detailing some of what we can expect out of weapon customization in Battlefield …

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Hype Machine: Duke Nukem Forever – Shrinkage

Looks like you need to see a Shrink… The original Action hero is dusting off the ol’ Shades, getting ready to kick some alien butt …

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