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Borderlands 3 Tech

Watch: First Look on Borderlands 3 Tech Shown at GDC

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford showed off some the Borderlands 3 tech via Unreal Engine 4 during a tech demo today at GDC.

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Two New Battleborn Characters Unveiled

Gearbox Software has announced two new Battleborn characters; for those who aren’t familiar, Battleborn is the studio’s upcoming fast-paced first-person shooter.

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Move Over Borderlands, Battleborn is Gearbox Software’s New "Hero Shooter"

Creators of Borderlands, Gearbox Software, announced today that they will release a new first person shooter with co-op combat called Battleborn.

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Telltale Games, Gearbox Software and 2K Announce 'Tales from the Borderlands'

Award-winning developers, Gearbox Software and Telltale Games, have teamed up to release an episodic series for the Borderlands franchise in 2014 called Tales from the …

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with New Borderlands 2 DLC

Who needs the luck of the Irish when you can have the Luck of the Zafords in Borderlands 2? 

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New Aliens: Colonial Marines "Kick Ass" Trailer is Awesome, Kicks Ass

Never before has something been more appropriately named than the “Kick Ass” trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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NYCC 2012 | Two New Screenshots for Aliens: Colonial Marines Surface

Feast your eyes on two new screenshots from upcoming SEGA and GearBox game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. The screenshots can be found after the break.

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Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer | GAME ON!

The launch trailer for today’s release of Borderlands 2!

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SEGA and Gearbox Announce Escape Mode for Aliens: Colonial Marines

SEGA and Gearbox Software have announced a new game-play mode for the upcoming  Aliens: Colonial Marines. “Escape Mode” has been revealed with an announcement trailer …

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Borderlands | Where It All Began

Check out “The Border Lands” a 16-bit nostalgic game of the franchise. The demake will entertain you and make you want to replay the first installment of the game before the new one drops on the 18th of September.

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Xenos Vs Marines Trailer

Sega has unveiled another behind the scenes trailer for their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. 

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Behind The Scenes Trailer

Sega has released an all-new video showcasing their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Experience a behind the scenes look into the making of this sci-fi …

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E3 2012 | New Alien: Colonial Marines Screens Show Off Aliens Universe

SEGA and Gearbox Software released four new screenshots for their upcoming game, Alien: Colonial Marines. The screenshots give us an insight to the dark and dreary …

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