Fanatical Take


Fanatical Take: So, Soldier 76 is Gay

So Soldier 76 is gay….here’s our fanatical take.

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Destiny 2

Why I Will Only Rent Destiny 2 | Fanatical Take

Why I will rent Destiny 2 instead of buying it: a critical examination of all of the lessons learned from Destiny, Activision, and Bungie.

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Hellblade is a Watershed Moment for Games and Storytelling | Fanatical Take

Hellblade offered a shock to the senses, teasing me for blindly following conventional gaming tropes and questioning my motives for doing so.

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Persona 5 Streaming Policy Changes

Persona 5’s Terrible Prologue | Fanatical Take

Persona 5 should be smart and to the point. And it is…once you get through the embarrassing prologue and some narrative missteps

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Gone Home: A Heart Full Of Ghosts | Fanatical Take

As the famed independent exploration game Gone Home has finally come to consoles, we take a look back at The Fullbright Company’s haunting masterpiece.

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