Fable III


New Holiday Bundles for PS3, Xbox 360

Yes, the holidays are fast approaching, which means new console bundles to entice shoppers. Microsoft is preparing two bundles, per a report on IGN: – …

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Lionhead Thinks Pre-Owned Games Are Worse Than Piracy

The act of pirating PC games has always been a problem. Lionhead’s Mike West claims that “the longest it’s taken to happen is two days. …

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Fable 3 PC release date confirmed

One of the great titles of 2010 for the 360, Fable 3, has just been officially confirmed for a PC release. Originally, it was meant …

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Favorite Game That I Played in 2010

There were a lot of good games that came out this year (and bad ones) that I really enjoyed and some that didn’t come out …

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Fable III Limited Edition Controller

October 5th will see the released date of a gold-colored limited edition Fable 3 controller, priced at $59.99. A bit steep for a controller but …

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Fable III Opening Sequence

The opening cinematic for Fable III has been released. This game is set to be released this October on the 26th for the PC and …

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