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5 Ways Dust 514 Can Be Salvaged and Succeed

The illustrious creation of CCP Game’s Dust 514 had recently been released but was it too late?

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DUST 514 and EVE Online Server Integration Coming January 10

CCP’s sci-fi console shooter DUST 514, exclusive to the PlayStation 3 console has been in closed beta for a long time now.  “Closed beta” is a fitting phrase since …

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Dragon*Con | CCP Talks World of Darkness, DUST 514, and EVE Online

CCP Manifest and Bill Bridges, senior content designer at CCP Games and Whitewolf, held a meet and greet here at Dragon*Con in Atlanta on Thursday …

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Game Night – July 14, 2012 – EVE Online – 6pm EST

Ok, it’s late notice, I know. I’ve been busy! But I’ll be streaming EVE Online this Saturday, the 14th of July at 6pm EST on …

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What We Played | July 2 – 8

This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better.

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Why I Can't Quit Eve Online

I sit, nervously waiting, with my hands on the controls.  I listen intently, but all I can hear is my ragged breathing.  My head is …

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Hey, Listen! Register Now For the Dust 514 Beta!

The long-awaited PS3 FPS title, Dust 514, has now entered the closed beta phase. Eager fraggers now have a chance to get first (or near-first) …

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CCP's Dust 514 MMOFPS for the PlayStation 3 to be Free to Play

Today CCP Games announced that it’s PlayStation 3 exclusive, Dust 514, will be the first Free to Play (FTP) MMO FPS on a console. Dust …

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Sneak Peek at Vehicles in Dust 514

CCP has posted an update on the PlayStation blog giving us more info on vehicle classes and customization in the upcoming MMO/FPS hybrid, Dust 514. You’ll …

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