Rumor: Next Xbox To Be Revealed In April

With the recent reveal of PlayStation 4, gamers are speculating when Microsoft will pull back the curtain on the next Xbox.

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Report: PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 Coming This Year For $400 Each

This year the next-gen console wars commence, as Sony and Microsoft look to counter the Wii U‘s head start with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox …

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Next PlayStation Could Block Used Games

A patent filed by Sony could mean the next version of the PlayStation would be able to block pre-owned games without the need for an …

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Xbox 720 Spring 2014 Launch Date According to Analysts

Microsoft‘s next gen console, dubbed the “Xbox 720” or “Durango” for now, will skip the 2013 holiday season and launch early 2014 according to video …

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Microsoft's Next Xbox is Rumored to Require an Internet Connection

The rumor mill is churning non-stop concerning the next big consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. The latest round of speculation concerns the Xbox 720 …

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The Next Xbox Is Codenamed….Durango?

Once you say something on the internet, you can never hide it. Especially when it comes to rumors. That’s the lesson of the day for …

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