AMD Announces New Game Bundles and Driver Updates

Today on October 22, 2012, AMD have announced a brand new plan to reassert their place in the graphics card (gpu) market, by offering gamers bundle deals to some of the …

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NVIDIA GeForce 285.79 Beta Drivers Released

NVidia has released the 285.79 beta driver which includes several bug fixes and performance improvements for Battlefield 3, as well as adding some SLI profiles …

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AMD Catalyst Drivers For BattleField 3 Preview

It seems we have a true slugfest between AMD and Nvidia, and instead of it being video cards this time its with drivers. AMD has released a small preview of …

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New Nividia GeForce Beta Drivers Available Today

Nvidia released today a new Beta version of its GeForce driver suite for the much-anticipated Battlefield 3 beta happening now. What’s important about this GeForce 285.38 beta is its timing, and …

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