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Demon’s Souls is a Launch Game And We’re So Here For It

Initially unveiled at the Future of Gaming PS5 Reveal event back in June, the PS3 classic Demon’s Souls is ready to go for launch. The …

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Honoring Demon’s Souls’ 10th Anniversary | How FromSoftware Made Me Love Gaming Again

October 6 marks the 10th anniversary of Demon’s Souls’ western release and I’d like to highlight it as both one of my favorite games of all time but also a game that changed and reinvigorated how I felt about the medium as a whole.

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5 Reasons Why Shadows Die Twice is Totally Bloodborne 2

Is Shadows Die Twice going to be revealed as Bloodborne 2? Lets find some clues.

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The Death of Single Player Games? A Brief History and Ideas to Move Forward

With the sudden closure of Visceral Games, the idea of a AAA single player game has come under fire. And this isn’t the first time something similar has happened.

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The Souls Games Share a Direct Timeline (Part 2) | Theory Craft

Today, we’ll cover examples of how Bloodborne is tied to the previous Souls games by cut content, a mysterious stranger, and pyromancy.

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Theory Craft: Souls Games Share a Direct Timeline

Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are all spiritual successors of one another, but what if it doesn’t stop there for the Souls games?

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Bloodborne Gets a New Batch of Juicy Details

Bloodborne is a game that many Souls fans have clamored for ever since Dark Souls 2 was initially announced.

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Why Bloodborne is the Souls Game We Need Right Now

Bloodborne looks to take the Souls franchise to a new direction.

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Demon’s Souls Comes to PSN on January 8th

Atlus has announced that Demon’s Souls is finally going to be available as a digital download on PSN!

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What We Played December 17 – 23

Welcome to Press Start! This is a weekly segment that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics are currently playing. Feel free to …

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New Video Game Titles Added To Playstation 3 Greatest Hits List

It’s getting close to the holiday season and Sony looks to take advantage of that by adding a ton of titles to its “Greatest Hits …

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The Game That Almost Never Was

Demon’s Souls Is A Game That Should’nt Have Been Made Says Sony Producer But  because of multiple occurrences that forged a perfect situation, including schedules, …

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