Did 2K Kill Irrational Games?

Did 2k Games kill Irrational Games? Some would say so, anonymous sources and I alike.

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Officers Who Shot and Killed Sword-Wielding Cosplayer Face No Charges

Two Utah police officers will not face any charges in the shooting death of 22-year-old African-American cosplayer, Darrien Hunt.

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New Darksiders II Trailer Features Combat Tips

A brand new trailer from Darksiders II gives players a look into the game’s combat and gives some tips. 

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Death Lives In Latest Darksiders II Trailer

With a release date that is less than two weeks away, THQ releases a new cinematic trailer for Darksiders II.

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Go buy yourself something nice!

Fun, kitsch, obscure, awesome. Products based on video games that don’t try too hard or appeal to the hipster masses. Everyone (even your mom) knows …

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