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Crackdown 2 to Bring Color, Keys to the City in Future DLC

While people weren’t really thrilled with Crackdown 2, citing the reuse of the city, repetitive missions, one thing that bothered people, was taking a very …

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Xbox Live Marketplace Content for the week of June 21

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has posted new Xbox Live Marketplace content for the week starting June 21st. Next week’s Deal of the Week will hit …

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Crackdown 2 is Finished

Crackdown 2 is finished says developer Ruffin, the first crackdown was release in 2007 3 years later.The sequel is here with more destruction better graphics,more …

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Crackdown 2 Campaign Walkthrough

It looks like Microsoft means serious business when they want destroy competition. Yes, we mean that literally. Thanks to GameTrailers, we were shown some pretty …

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Crackdown 2: Date + VidDoc

If anyone knows about how Crackdown got so popular on the Xbox 360, it had to be because of the Halo 3 beta. Well, with …

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