Google Stadia – Are We Finally Ready For Cloud Gaming

During this year’s GDC, Google announced their new cloud gaming endeavour, Stadia. Last year, Google gave unknowing testers a taste of what Stadia is with …

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Samsung Brings Cloud-Based Gaming into Your TV with Gaikai

Gaikai, a cloud gaming service and Samsung, electronics extraordinaire, have joined to bring purchasers of Samsung TVs a client for gaming through the Gaikai cloud …

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CES 2012: Samsung Introduces Award-Winning Super OLED 55-inch TV

Play it again, Samsung. Adding to its legacy of groundbreaking high-tech electronics, Samsung’s new Super OLED TV has been honored with the prestigious Best of …

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Razer Takes Gaming Peripherals into the Cloud

Razer, the maker of many fine gaming peripherals, today announced the Razer Synapse 2.0 application for storing all of your peripheral settings in the cloud. …

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DemonWare Founder Thinks OnLive, Gaikai May be Ahead of Their Own Time

If the words of the founder of numerous successful videogame industry businesses are anything to go by, it may still be too early for cloud-based …

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Cloud Storage Now Available To Playstation Plus Members On PS3

Looks like Sony is makings steady improvements to its PS3 hardware for gamers, announcing that included with the latest firmware 3.60 update an online storage, …

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