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Fanatic Spotlight: The Cult

In our very first Fanatic Spotlight, we take a look at The Cult. A single-player board game where you deal with zombies and a crazy cult.

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PAX East 2014 | There's a Reason Why Boss Monster Sold Out So Quickly

If you think PAX is all about video games then you’re sorely mistaken. The tabletop area behind the expo floor is just as impressive and …

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The Board Game Fanatic | Ca$h and Gun$

“What game should be play next, I have one with Styrofoam guns…” “That one.”

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The Board Game Fanatic | The Manhattan Project

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: there are a lot of games that look intimidating, yet they still find a way to …

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The Board Game Fanatic | Eclipse: New Dawn For The Galaxy

It seems that the entire board game community has gone crazy for Eclipse: New Dawn For The Galaxy.

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Has Hollywood Run Out of Original Ideas?

It seems that recently that Hollywood has run out of ideas and is buying up all the books, comic books, board games, and TV show …

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