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HITMAN Just Took a Delay Hit, Man

Today Io-Interactive announced that HITMAN would be delayed until March 2016

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Hitman: Absolution Prepared To Release New DLC

Though Hitman: Absolution just launched late lats month, Square Enix has just announced some new DLC for the game. Fans of a certain 2011 shooter …

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 10 – Let There Be Light!

This is it, the special 1-0. We introduce our new set (with improved lighting; face-punching to come later). Ryan and I both watched The Dark Knight …

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Brand New Clip for Marvel Short Film Item 47

Marvel is taking a page out of Pixar’s book by offering people who buy the Blu-ray/DVD release of ‘The Avengers’ a sneak peek at a brand new film called ‘Item 47’. Item 47 is probably …

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Hitman: Absolution 17 Minute Gameplay Demo

So at E3 2012, Square Enix ran us through a 17 minute gameplay demo of upcoming game, Hitman: Absolution. The demo was kept pretty hush, …

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Hitman Absolutions: Takes Sniping to another Level

Recently it was made public that if you pre-order Hitman: Absolution you would be given access to a few weapons, along with some abilities that …

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We Get The Inside Scoop on Agent 47 and Who's Pulling The Strings

This is the first video in “The International Contract Agency Files” series, which introduces the main cast in Hitman: Absolution. Featuring exclusive art from comic …

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Agent 47 Is On A Personal Contract

As the gaming world eagerly awaits to see what Square Enix and IO Interactive have in store for Agent 47 this year in Hitman Absolution, we’re starting to …

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Hitman Absolution: Run For Your Life Director Commentary

Last week we were treated to a 16 minute gameplay trailer featuring the infamous Agent 47 from the Hitman franchise and today we are treated …

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Hitman Absolution, Agent 47 Returns

It’s been 5 years since we last seen agent ‘47’ the main character in the Hitman franchise. But finally, after 5 long years of waiting …

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