The Surge Comes Back with a New Gameplay Video

The Surge

The newest gameplay video from The Surge confirms once again that both stealth and direct action are needed if we are to survive in this dystopian future.

There are still a lot of details we do not know about The Surge, the next game from Deck 13, creators of Lords of the Fallen. We do know that it is a futuristic RPG with fast paced combat. A combination, if you will, between role playing and Dark Souls style action. Reportedly, the game features an “original character progression system based on modular upgrades” that we’ll gain through these violent encounters.

Needless to say, Deck 13 is making quite the departure with this setting if we look to all their previous titles. However, the German studio is moving forward and showing that The Surge is coming on time and strong for its release next year. There is no concrete date on sight but we know it will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Surge

The Surge: Examining the Latest Gameplay

As with the gameplay video they presented during GamesCom 2016, it’s worth mentioning that everything we see on screen belongs to pre-alpha. Therefore, things are subject to change and we should expect a more finished product on release day. Also, could we get rid of those numbers on screen, pretty please?

In this occasion we are missing some developer commentary but, you may argue, the video gets straight to the point. We can see different locations inside the game and also different possibilities when it comes to gameplay. As with any game pertaining to this genre, The Surge will challenge us in trying to find out the best way to finish off enemies. Some of them can be “tricked” and attacked from behind while others require a combination of brutal force plus some acrobatic skills. Jumping between these two identities, the stealth master and the sci-fi tank, is easy. You just need to open the inventory and play around with your gear.

Although the gameplay video showcases different enemies, we are also missing a little bit more of variety here. That sort of mechanical scorpion is looking interesting though, and we overall look forward to see what Deck 13 has in stock for us. What about you?

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