Eight Things Star Wars: The Old Republic Needs

Firstly, I am a huge fan of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I first tried it on the PC and being curious, I tried it for Xbox as well.Personally, the Xbox version is terrible, but that’s beside the point. Like many fans, I longed for a KotOR III and to this day, I still do.

Even so, I did buy and currently play Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’ve played other MMOs in the past, with City of Heroes being my favorite among them, but even with a game based around a community, I rather play solo and enjoy the story (or play along with my husband). I’m no expert when it comes to MMOs, but like ever gamer, I have my own suggestions on how to make it better, especially with SWTOR.

  1. The amount of servers verses the amount of people. Those one low populated servers should be able switch to high populated ones, eliminating the lower populated server. Of course this will cause problems like character names, loosing legacy name and even your guild. It would be handy to be allowed to transfer the entire guild if guild leader transfers to another server. As for legacy and character names, it should be based on how long the player has been active. If a tie, go to their legacy level.
  2. The galactic trade network needs to have a feature where you can sell any item for more than two days. Lets face it, especially in low populated servers, having an item on sale for only two days is a pain. If there has to be a time limit at least have it set for a week’s time, that would make more sense.
  3. Group space missions.
  4. More single player game content. With low populated servers and those who enjoy playing for the story, single player content would be a nice addition, especially for level 50 characters.
  5. Social minigames like swoop bike racing, pazzak, holo-chess and the option to choose which ones to play instead of a randomize system.
  6. More races to choose from which would require more space…
  7. More character slots. City of Heroes had it where if you were apart of the game for a certain amount of time, you would get extra slots. You could also buy more slots if you wanted to stay on the same server. This is key since there are so many different ways to go about your adventure.
  8. If you have an “evil” character on blue side, you should be able to switch to red side and Empire to Republic. I have a Dark Jedi that I’m playing on Republic side and even though I do enjoy seeing other’s reactions to her, there should be eventually a way to be able to switch her to the Empire side.

I’m confident that most of these might be implemented sometime in the future, be it near or otherwise. Either way we all have our own opinions on how a game should be and how it should be run.

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