Source Film Maker Enables Users to Make Awesome Parodies

I’m starting to believe that age old saying: “If you build it, they will come.” Not even a month after Valve released the Source Film Maker (SFM) people have begun to recreate their favorite movie scene with the characters from Team Fortress 2.

Last week I saw something that resembled the Lion King made in SFM, and now we have a Deus Ex: Human Revolution recreation and the iconic scene from Pulp Fiction. I love it when companies release powerful multimedia tools to the public to use. More companies should take note of what Valve did, and begin releasing mini proprietary software to allow people to bring their visions to life, or at the very least let others see what people can come up with.


Pulp Fiction (Does he look like a?)


Deus Ex: Human Revolution (I never asked for this)

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