Sony Releases Live-Action InFamous: Second Son Trailer

If you thought InFamous: Second Son looked great on PS4 already, it looks even cooler in real life. At least, that seems to be the message Sony is sending with the latest trailer set to hype the blockbuster PS4 exclusive, seen above.

InFamous: Second Son continues the InFamous saga, taking place after the events of InFamous 2, in a world completely aware – and terrified of – those with super powers known as “Conduits”. Delsin, a troublemaker in a jacket and hat, takes the lead in the franchise from former protagonist Cole McGrath, and with new powers to boot: he can manipulate smoke and neon for attacks, super speed, hovering, and more.

InFamous: Second Son launches on March 21st. Be sure to check out The Game Fanatics’ Twitch channel for a live-stream the day the game launches.

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