SOCOM Director Kickstarting New Tactical Shooter H-Hour: World's Elite

For those that had the opportunity to play SOCOM I and II on PlayStation 2, players had a chance to experience the beginning of just how big 3rd person and 1st person games were becoming. David Sears, former director of the SOCOM I and II games has launched a Kickstarter for his spiritual successor to SOCOM II, H-Hour: World’s Elite.

H-Hour will be a team based, military shooter in first and third person view. The third person view will give you a view of your character and increased awareness of the environment. The first person view will give you a zoomed in perspective with your weapon using the scope and reticle to target enemies much more precisely. With David Sears veteran experience in developing military shooters, he recruited experienced designers from games like America’s Army, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals.



H-Hour: World’s Elite Kickstarter began June 7, and will continue until July 7, 2013 with a pledge goal of $200,000. At the time of writing this article, H-Hour: World’s Elite has already gained $151,700 with nine days left to reach their goal. If you are not familiar with the way Kickstarter works, if the Kickstarter campaign does not reach its goal, none of the people that pledged will be charged.


The company developing the game, SOFs studios, Special Operations Forces Studios, is hoping to release the game on PC and PlayStation 4, with the first release including six multiplayer maps, four new gameplay modes, and comprehensive community-building/clan management tools.

The Kickstarter timeline is almost and huge fans of the series are hoping to have the chance to play H-Hour: Worlds Elite on their PlayStation 4 and PC hardware.

For more updates on the game and a look at their official trailer check out their YouTube page:

And checkout SOFs Kickstarter page for H-Hour: World’s Elite.