September 2017 PlayStation Plus Titles Revealed

As we near the beginning of the month of September, Sony has confirmed and announced the latest set of PS Plus freebie titles across their various PlayStation videogaming platforms.

Beginning September 5th, PS4 Plus members can download the awesome InFamous: Second Son, the first PS4 installment of the 3rd person superhero-esque franchise and PS4 launch title. Also available for PS4 owners is the first person air combat game Strike Vector EX. As an added bonus this month, you can also add a new PSVR title to your gaming collection in RIGS!

Plus Members can also play Dead By Deadlight entirely for FREE from September 15th -18th and will be on sale from said date until September 22nd. A Neverwinter plus expansion pack will also be free from Sept. 16th until October 16th.

PlayStation Vita/PS Plus owners can download both Sky Force Anniversary and Hue on Sept. 5th, with both titles supporting PS4 cross buy and with Sky Force also available for free via PS3 cross buy. While on the topic of PlayStation 3, PS3 Plus members can also receive Hustle Kings and Monster Jam Battlegrounds.

August 2017 PS Plus titles are still available until then and include Just Cause 3, the Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry standalone expansion and Downwell (featuring PS Vita crossbuy) for PS4. PS3 titles include Super Motherball & Snakeball, while PS Vita also get Level 22.

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