SEGA and Gearbox Present New Tactical Multiplayer Trailer – Aliens: Colonial Marines

SEGA and Gearbox released a new trailer today, highlighting some of the special moves players will be able to utilize in Aliens: Colonial Marines, both from the Marine side and the Xenomorph side.  This new Tactical Multiplayer trailer also demonstrates some of the strategic choices players can make to help turn the tide in battle.  With the customization available, this tactical thinking will be key in deciding the success of one team over another, species aside.

The Marines, products of human ingenuity, have a myriad supply of weapons to choose from.  These firearms include the classic flamethrower, the pulse rifle, the smart gun, explosives, and assault rifles.  Just as players can customize their character fully, so too will these weapons be as freely customizable.

You know you want to shoot one of those.

Alternatively, the Xenomorph side gives players the option to choose from three classes, each with their own special attacks.  Whether gamers choose the Soldier, Spitter, or Lurker, they can customize their characters’ attacks and appearances, all the better to corner the Marines with.

With the complexity of multiplayer battle, signs look good for this facet of Aliens: Colonial Marines.  One thing is for sure, though – Teamwork will be essential to surviving in multiplayer, as teams can vary so much.  Players must find ways to use their talents and loadouts together.  Check out the video and see for yourself.

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