The Secret World Dev Diary: Freeform Progression

  • Dread

    Online gaming is growing faster then anything I have ever seen.

  • Patsy Herring

    I not too long ago acquired the My Key Planet Envision DS video game and I have some questions. My initial is, the moment you commence your profile is there any way to erase your file and start off over? Also what occurs right after you fill all the pages?

  • Serena Frieden

    The video game is approximately 2 – 3 many years outdated now. I played at start and it was full of bugs. Buyer assist was nearly unheard of from Funcom. I was asking yourself if the sport was worth taking part in now?

  • Gloria Hester

    Why wont my video add on youtube???
    I Attempt to upload a video clip on youtube! I attempt like 10 situations but evry time it states FAILD!
    It is a 1 min video!!!

  • Lola Lockwood

    Can somebody give me an thought for a youtube video clip that I can make?

  • floydian8717

    Can someone give me an idea for a youtube video that I can make?

  • Scorch Delta-62

    It has become more frequent that i can’t even do work on the pc. Whats wrong because i just formatted my pc after the same problem.

  • Andrew S

    Question 1
    How was the relationship between members of a colonial community similar to the relationship between the colonies?
    a.They both provided women with many opportunities.
    b.They both relied on each other for goods and services.
    c.Both of them needed slaves to have thriving businesses.
    d.They were both in charge of creating a national government.
    Question 2
    [What was the chief reason for the Dutch surrender of New Amsterdam to the British?
    a.war with the French in Europe
    b.lack of success with their farming practices
    c.exhaustion from fighting Native Americans with the British for land in warmer climates
    Question 3
    The defeat of the Spanish Armada had what effect on the colonization of America?
    a.made it easier to increase settlements
    b.made colonists more fearful for their safety
    c.made travel by sea more difficult than before
    d.made it more difficult to get settlers to the New World
    Question 4
    What is the main reason we cannot depend on the desert ecosystem for food production?
    a.The desert ecosystem has too many animals to support.
    b.The desert ecosystem has poor, sandy soil and little water.
    c.The desert ecosystem is not large enough for food production.
    d.The desert ecosystem has too scarce a population to have farms.
    Question 5
    For which project would a globe be most useful?
    a.a project to detail Native American population changes over time
    b.a project requiring details about the location a group of French settlements
    c.a project comparing the geographic features of the European and African continents
    d.a project exploring the relationship between a British settlement and the Native Americans living in the area
    Question 6
    Which answer best describes a drawback of using a globe instead of a map?
    a. A globe cannot show smaller areas in as much detail.
    b. A globe cannot show the shapes of land masses without distorting them.
    c. A globe cannot provide a large view of major land masses and oceans.
    d. A globe cannot provide information about geographic features like mountains.
    Question 7
    What would be the best sources for information about family finances during the years 1763-1818?
    a.diaries of women and children
    b.history books and encyclopedias
    c.newspaper and magazine articles records and court documents
    Question 8
    Which of the following best illustrates how some Europeans used the headright system to their advantage?
    a.They used the headright system to capture, buy, and sell African slaves.
    b.They used the headright system to entice indentured servants to work the land.
    c.They sent indentured servants to the New World and collected the headright for each servant.
    d.They developed new laws related to the headright system that allowed them to own more land.
    Question 9
    A developer is planning to build a neighborhood in a large forested area. Which answer best describes how development affects the ecosystems of the United States?
    It allows people to interact with nature.
    It helps to protect water and air sources.
    It decreases the amount of space wildlife has to live.
    It improves the quality of life for both people and animals.
    Question 10
    Which early leader had the most diverse colony?
    a.Anne Hutchinson
    b.William Penn
    c.John Smith
    d.John Winthrop
    Question 11
    Which leader came to America because he was unhappy with the Church of England?
    a.William Bradford
    b.George Calvert
    c.William Penn
    d.Roger Williams
    Question 12
    Which person got in trouble for believing that God spoke to certain people?
    a.William Bradford
    b.Anne Hutchinson
    c.William Penn
    d.John Smith
    Question 13
    What was known as the “holy experiment”?
    a. Roger Williams’ plan for the churches in Rhode Island
    b. William Penn’s vision to spread Quaker ideals in America
    c. John Oglethorpe’s idea for converting the Native Americans
    d. George Calvert’s plan for spreading Christianity in the New World
    Question 14
    What is the main difference between alpine and deciduous forest ecosystems?
    a. Alpine ecosystems include mountains while deciduous ecosystems do not.
    b.Alpine ecosystems have very fertile soil while deciduous ecosystems have poor soil.
    c.Alpine ecosystems support very few trees while deciduous ecosystems support many.
    d.Alpine ecosystems support many kinds of trees while deciduous ecosystems support only a few.

  • Myles

    I’m am in a tight spot here I can’t decide which one I should buy the
    Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition – Xbox 360
    Includes a collectible 3″ Altair figure, Penny Arcade comics, a mini strategy guide and a bonus disc loaded with awesome content
    Bonus disc features behind-the-scenes videos, developer diaries, trailers, producer interviews, downloads, the winners of the Assassin’s Creed short film contest and more
    and a ugly a$$ case

    Assassin’s Creed – Xbox 360
    better looking case

  • skillz

    Hello – I’m 12 years old and I’ve been on my period since August 08. I’ve always been a fast developer, I was wearing a bra when I was 7, so it wasn’t really a shock to learn that I was one of the first at school to start my menstrual cycle. I was shocked, however, at how heavy it was for the first week. I went through 10 pads a day, and I was quite disturbed, really. I researched it, and was reassured that its expected for young women who have just started to have abnormally heavy periods. I have a diary for it, and I was expecting to start my next period on the 17th September. When nothing happened, I was quite worried. I thought it would come a little later, though. In January, however, I unexpectedly started my period again, this time VERY heavily. Now its May, and I have only just started my 3rd period, which is even heavier. I’ve noticed a four to five months pattern going on, but its still worrying. I researched PCOS and I have these symptoms:
    Skin Tags on my armpit, irregular periods, I’m heavier than a lot of the other girls, though I do sport, so I guess that may be one too, and I also have spots along my jaw and chin and on my back at the top/middle. I want to tell my mom or go to the doctors, but I’m not sure if I’m too early in through my menstrual cycle to consider that I have PCOS?

  • Courtney

  • sam N

    Please help, I have searched the app store but cannot find a music teachers app, apparently there was one but the developer discontinued it!
    I need an app that contains all of my students, there contact details, notes on students, booking lessons and so on.
    If there is not an app for this then I will be amazed but in the meantime please help.

  • joevsyou

    I want to show them to my friends at school. I don’t want to do anything illegal though. I want to know if I can find them on itunes or download them from an official site such as or

  • clntvrrt

    I’m making a animation for a school project, i have done the filming. Now i am currently making the DVD, i would like to add in a menu to play the whole movie and have a special features section. I would like it to include developer diary style section on the DVD that dosen’t play in the whole film.

    Some sort of tutorial, or an easy-to-use free software download would also help greatly

    Thank you 😀

    I currently have Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker installed on my PC.

    I would also like a scene menu where i make my OWN chapters rather than W DVD Maker have automatically done for me.

  • nyyankees1123

    In the diary the system developer claims to have developed such-and-such a system. A “tester” tests this claim.

    (Thanks to Paul, thanks to Skyjumper, for earlier posting)

  • skychi99

    Hi, I am trying to create an exercise diary type site where users can register and store thier indivdual gym exercises, since I am new to I don’t know how I can make the database I made individual to each user so that the other users will not see what other users have entered in the same database.

    I have registered and logged in as diffrent users but each account can see what other people have enter, anyone know a tutorial that I can use that will teach you how each user can have thier information only show to them and not see other peoples information in the same database while they Are logged in?

    I am using vwd 2010 and I am kinda new to it thx, it’s a school thingy 🙂

  • jag43216

    Of course it is a speculative release date, but Fable 2 is coming out before, or during, the 2008 Holiday season! If you’re like me and have been following this game since you beat Fable 1, then you couldn’t be more excited!
    If you’ve been following the developer diaries, then you should know that it looks amazing and should actually live up to the hype! Peter Molyneux (however it’s spelled) has dealt out the hype sparingly, and only when he can pretty much guarentee a feature because he was crucified for the way he handled Fable 1, so you know a bit more of what to expect this time around!
    How are you going to play? Are you going to be good or bad, rich or poor? Are you going to download the pub game they’re going to release before the game?
    If you want to play GTA4 sometime or COD4, message me at Ether86!

  • Kristian

    I have naturally really dark brown hair (curly/frizzy -think princess diaries but I straighten it regularly with a chi-) it’s currently dyed jet black with magenta highlights (dyed in January, but the color is still there any my roots are growing). I now wanna go light brown.

    Will it work if I use Color Oops to get the color out, then use L’Oreal HiColor Excellence in Natural Blonde with a 40 developer?

    Will this wreck my hair?


  • everydayGuitarist

    If you have seen the developer diary provided my machinima there is a part about how they added secret areas. In them they have a flashy entrance with gates and guards where you have to go thought a bunch of obstacles. However at the very end he casually walks out and goes through a manhole unnoticed. Now here’s my question about this; Why is it that they make it where you have to do all this stuff like gates and guards when you could use the ‘back door’? Now this is just my opinion but wouldn’t it just be easier to make some complex way for them to get out like a one way thing? Like your dropped out into a slide type thing into a larger current in the water where you wouldn’t be able to get in like that. Why do you thing they do that?