Rumor: Ubisoft is Working on a New Splinter Cell Game

Splinter Cell

Sweet news for all infiltration agents out there – if you happen to believe rumors, of course. The latest one talks about Ubisoft working on an unannounced Splinter Cell game.

A new Splinter Cell game could be in the making. A brand fresh rumor has pinpointed to this possibility, stating that Ubiosft is indeed working in a new title for the franchise. This would be the eighth one, following the successes of Conviction and Blacklist. The hearsay also mentions the presence of Michael Ironside returning to role of series protagonist Sam Fisher after sitting out for Blacklist. According to the rumor, the one to confirm the project was the actor himself.

Do you want more? We may even get an official announcement before the year closes. Theoretically, during the Game Awards 2016 which happen normally by the beginning of December.

Splinter Cell

New Future for Splinter Cell

All things considered, it’s not ridiculous to imagine the reality of this story. First of all, the last big game, Blacklist, appeared three years ago for the old-gen consoles. Splinter Cell fans have been waiting for a fair period of time and it would only be fair to serve them their ratio following the launches of Watch Dogs 2, For Honor and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. And second, Ubisoft already confirmed that they have plans to bring the universe to big screens and movie theaters sooner than later, with no one less than Tom Hardy as Fisher. So another game would fit perfectly in Ubisoft’s hectic schedule for the near future.

Truth be told, the project could well exist already – albeit in early stages of development. It’s going to take some time until we can hear something more concrete about it. For now, Ubisoft is keeping the silence.

What about you, Fanatics? Would you be ready for another mission with Sam Fisher? Let us know!

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