Rockstar Is Teasing Possible Red Dead Redemption Follow-up

Red Dead Redemption

Two new images on Rockstar Twitter account have set the world of gaming on fire, and for good. They kinda hint, and kinda announce, the arrival of a follow up to Red Dead Redemption.

You hear that? It’s the sound of seven pairs of worn-out boots as they approach us, the sun gleaming over the mountains behind their backs. They are here for business and they are here to make your dreams true. We are talking about the protagonists you can see on Rockstar’s official Twitter page right now. It seems that the time for speculation has ended and a new era of teasing begins – potentially, probably, a follow up to their smash hit Red Dead Redemption.

Rumors started already yesterday, when the studio changed their main image to one that clearly matched the typical red color of the saga. Today they have made the jump to something that generates more questions than answers. These seven figures could be cowboys, they could be outlaws – probably a little bit of both. Is this a clear reference to the Magnificent Seven? Are all of them playable? Loyal to their tradition of keeping to themselves, Rockstar has not added anything more. And we reckon they’ll keep us hooked for a while.

Red Dead Redemption
It’s time to go back to Rockstar’s Wild West!

Red Dead 3: From Rumors to Reality

Truth be told, everything pinpointed into the direction of a third Red Dead game happening. The spiritual successor/sequel to 2004’s Red Dead Revolver made Rockstar reach new bars and praise from critics and gamers alike. Red Dead Redemption was, for a great deal of people, a masterpiece. A few years ago Rockstar was fully into the development of GTA V and the absence of further commentary kind of put a Western continuation on hold. Until E3 2015 arrived and with it, the first batch of possible leaks.

Although probably the biggest disclosure happened this April, when a map appeared. This map was suggesting two juicy things: one, that the game is actually a prequel and two, that we’ll be returning to places already familiar to us. The possibility of a prequel is pretty legit, actually. The last Red Dead Redemption was chronologically close to the end of the wild west so it would make sense to go a little bit back in time. Plus, if we are to believe the map that leaked, the absence of railway only reinforces the same idea.

Whatever the story is, whatever Rockstar has prepared for us, we are awaiting gladly. Red Dead Redemption is one of those jewels that rank high here, among the Fanatics. So make sure you stay tuned as we uncover more details of the next Red Dead Redemption chapter.

Are you hyped for this as much as we are? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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