New Q&A With Undead Labs Appears: Landmines, Ragdolls and Tentacles, Oh My!

  • Bernarda


  • Elinor Tuten

    Ok im not all religious but this is what is in the bible…
    Zechariah 14:12
    And the LORD will deliver a plague on all the nations that fought against Jerusalem. Their people will become like walking corpses, their flesh rotting away. Their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths.
    Zechariah 14:13
    On that day they will be terrified, stricken by the LORD with great panic. They will battle their neighbors hand to hand.

    There are several other biblical passages that allude to a plague that will decimate mankind in the end times.

    Many folks get the bible as the truth, and also see it as a book of prophecy. Could we have received warning of the impending increasing of the undead from antiquity? We don’t have to go much to rationalize this. Prophets in ancient situations may possibly have observed just what happened, but didn’t recognize the science behind it to explain it accurately. They could have witnessed the biological lead to engineered in a lab and unleashed on the world, but could only use basic words to illustrate it.

    There are at the moment so several finish times prophecies that it can make your head spin. Virtually all of them don’t level to an specific lead to of the apocalypse, but the bible would seem to position to the undead many times

    Revelation 11:6
    These men have electrical power to shut up the sky so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with each sort of plague as usually as they want.

    Revelation 11:8
    Their bodies will lie in the road of the fantastic city, which is figuratively known as Sodom and Egypt, exactly where also their Lord was crucified.

    Revelation 11:11
    But right after the 3 and a 50 percent days a breath of daily life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and terror struck people who noticed them.

    Ezekiel 37:10
    So I prophesied as he commanded me, and breath entered them; they arrived to lifestyle and stood up on their feet–a vast army.

    The bible is rife with resurrection, the dead coming to life, and stories and illiterations to the stop of times. Perhaps, the plague God employs to wipe the earth clear is a plague of Zombies. You can also stage to conclude occasions prophecy references of Locusts and say that zombies could also be considered as a locust, devouring all life. At this point, all we can do is speculate and prepare. We don’t know how or when the globe will end, but we can be all set if it is survivable.

  • nick s

    I was researching Undead Labs upcoming game Class 3. It’s essentially a zombie game that focuses on survival, so you have the ability to build structures and fortify buildings to defend yourself. I was wondering about how building structures and fortification works in other games.
    I know there are games with building choices predefined, as in to upgrade a building to have boarded up windows the building is just switched to a different model. Those types of games have very limited numbers of choices you can make. I was wondering if there are any more flexible building systems. Like you actually put boards on the windows you want for example. Anyone know of anything like that in a game?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    I am going to ground school in a month and going to start flying soon so I need to go get my Class 3 Medical but I do occasionally have some of the herb, just to relax, for stress etc. I don’t do it much, maybe once, or twice a month? I was just wondering if they drug test you when they take your urine for the Class 3 Medical in Canada?

  • lildevilgurl152004

    So my dilemma is this, my financial aid already disbursed 6 days ago and right now I dropped all my classes and rearranged them in order to fit my work schedule. Class is about to begin in 3 days. Is it right for me to attend my classes in the new schedule even though all the money has already been disbursed for my old schedule? Did any encounter the same situation? If so, help!

  • toast

    1. Where do you go?
    a) To a sheltered warehouse
    b) To the nearest vechicle, and drive!
    c) Look for other survivers and shoot as many as possible
    d) RUN

    2. What’s your choice of weapon?
    a) Baseball bat with sharp nails sticking out the end, great for knocking them back and damage
    b) MP5, or a hunter compact, your choice which
    c) A sharpened hatchet or kitchen knife
    d) Small military pistol with a belt of ammo that you can wear

    3. Oh no! You find your best friend, she has been bitten by a zombie. You:
    a) Say your goodbyes and shoot her in the head, she was going to become one of them.
    b) Make sure there is a barrier between you both, and stay with her till she dies and turns zombie. Then kill her.
    c) Nurse her wounds, tell her you love her, and shoot
    d) You don’t have the heart to kill her, you leave her to become undead and move on

    4. What are you going to do to stop this all?
    a) Find a military place with ultimate protection and soldiers inside [survivers], they have every weapon you could think of to help fight those things.
    b) There is a helicopter, and a pilot. You can catch a ride with him to an isolated place, picking up survivers on the way.
    c) You can go to the lab that started this all, and with the help of a scientist in there you can find a cure, from your blood. It will take one year to make the cure but it could be the end of this all.
    d) You create an army, a shelter, get alot of guns and food, and you pick the world clean for ever.

    Ps. Yes i am a 16 year old girl with a love for zombies and resident evil. I know zombies arn’t real, i don’t need to be told. This was just abit of fun to make, because i’m bored. I’ll post my answers to the best answer [it will be randomly picked]

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran

    i know its illegal to have a fully automatic weapon in washington, but you can have it if you get a class 3 license right? anybody know how you can get one in washington? thanks
    so there is absolutely no possible way?

  • Victoria T

    Quick question. I have a 1999 Chevy astro van. I need to buy a class 3 trailer hitch. I have a friend that says he has one. Now before I purchase I am curious.

    How do you look at a trailer hitch and know what class it is ????

  • Jonny

    Just found a 12″ 870 AOW for $500, had to get it. Has anyone recently bought a class 3 weapon? How long did you have to wait?

  • gail C

    Would you use a Class 3 weapon (full auto machine gun) to defend your home from an armed intruder? If you have a full automatic M-16 purchased legally by paying the ATF transfer $300 tax and a armed intruder breaks into your home with evil intentions, would you defend yourself with it? Would the BATF take this full automatic weapon from your hands because you defended your home with it?

  • joevsyou

    I am looking to become a dealer of Type II/Class 3 weapons. I want to be able to buy and sell full auto weapons and accessories that go with them.

  • Big Banger

    i can find all the class 1 rankings easily, but i need the rankings for class 3 U14 girls teams. is there even such thing?

  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • simply complicated

    what do you think should be the story
    i think u should play as cortez and wake up in a lab in the base and there could be some undead alien cyborg killer looking for cortez who has risen the splitters missions should include a victorian times mission and they gotta have a mission set in a desert
    write ur ideas below
    its been confirmed

  • mr flibble

    Is it possible to get a class 3 Receiver for a 73-87 chevrolet truck, like what is on new model trucks

  • Wooooody

    If a person has a warrent for a class 3 felony theft of means transportation in which they did not return a rental car on time and charges were not charged to the credit card. Can they get a passport and leave the country or will they be rejected, or arrested when leaving or arrested when returning to the states?

  • Jenna

    If you had to teach a grade 5 class, three areas of philosophy, which of the following would you choose:
    1. metaphysics
    2. logic
    3. epistemology
    4. political philosophy
    5. social philosophy
    6. ethics
    7. aesthetics

    Also, please include WHY you’ve chosen the 3 areas of philosophy

  • John

    I have passed my class 3 written test, but now I have a drivers test this Friday. I was wondering what things are the most important to do, with pre-trip and the actual driving. What all need to be done during the pre-trip. How long is the drive…etc… any tips would be appreciated. thanks!

  • Hotshot t

    I’m just wondering how i can get a Class 3 Firearms license in NY State, how long does it take to get? How much does it cost to get the License?

  • sean

    It is just a stock for a pistol ? And only improves accuracy of your pistol which if it is a semi does not require a class 3 Lisence ?

  • Ev dog

    I’ve been wanting an automatic rifle, what kind of hoops do I need to jump through to legally own it in Indiana? Same thing with a silencer for the pistol I carry, I know that both are class 3 devices.

  • clntvrrt

    I’m going on a huge hiking trip and it requires that I have a Class 3 Physical (not pilot or anything). I’ve had physicals before but they’ve never really pulled down the pants or anything, just poked the upper intestine area. I don’t remember what “class” it was, but I’m wondering how a Class 3 differs and what they do. This is a male examination, not female.

  • Keegan

    Easton is a homeless
    girl in a lawless, wild
    city where demons, fey
    and magic are real and
    deadly. Easton sleeps
    on the streets, doing
    her best to avoid the
    Gatherers who take the
    homeless off the street
    for prostitution,
    slavery and
    experimentation. She
    works as a Harvester —
    she ‘harvests’ the body
    parts of paranormal
    creatures, cutting off
    wings and tails and
    teeth to sell on the
    black market, leaving
    the faerie or demon
    behind to die slowly or
    live horribly maimed
    and crippled. Easton
    has never cared much
    about the creatures she
    harvests; as long as she
    can find food and
    shelter for herself, she
    doesn’t care what
    happens to anyone or
    anything else. Survival
    is her number one
    Then a harvest goes
    wrong, and Easton is
    cursed by a vengeful
    faerie. With the help of
    an arrogant,
    womanizing thief
    named Rhys who has
    lost his soul due to a
    deal with a demon,
    they set out to look for
    a cure to both of their
    problems, unsure if it
    even exists. They have
    two hundred and thirty four days to find it-
    because on midsummer’s
    eve she will be killed
    and Rhys will be
    dragged into hell. The
    search is further
    complicated as they get
    involved in mage turf
    wars, rebel
    necromancer armies
    maned by the undead,
    and the alchemist who is
    behind the Gatherers
    and Harvesters. They
    rescue a young girl named Melanie from the alchemist’s
    lab, and Easton has to
    learn to care about Rhys and Melanie as much
    as she cares about

    That’s all I have so far,
    what do you think? Be
    honest, but please
    explain why you do or
    do not like the idea. I
    realize parts of it are
    cliched, could you
    suggest any way for me
    to improve that?
    Thank you!

  • Michael

    I mean, can their undead jaws really tear through a shirt even? A really thin shirt I have no doubts, but a regular shirt or jeans seems a little dubious. And, if a zombie can get through a layer of clothing, what about a couple of layers? Or even a thick article of clothing, like a jacket or lab coat?