PSA: Xbox One Rolls Out New August Update

A new update for Xbox One has been made available for download today, Microsoft confirmed.

The August roll out will include a host of upgrades including 3D Blu-ray capabilities, as well as improvements to social networking and digital purchases. The update addresses much of the feedback given by the Xbox community in relation to the functionality of the new console.

Friends / Social

The social interface has been spruced up and now includes the ability for friends to like and add comments to uploaded gaming content. Gamers will be able to share their content publicly or privately. A single column scrolling list will provide a greater amount of space to include more content and interactions.

A notification system will alert players about activity around both their own and their friends’ feeds. The home page now includes a whole host of information about what your friends are playing. This will also include the most played games amongst you all. A leader board will show which of you has the greatest Gamerscore, competition has never been so fun!

You will now be able to see when your friends were last online and which games they were paying.

Low Battery Notification

By popular demand, a simple update will show when the battery on your controller is running low. No more panic when you get disconnected halfway through the action!

Disable Notifications

When watching your favourite movies, you’ll now have the option to remove any notifications.

3D Blu-Ray

The Blu-ray app has been updated to include 3D functionality. This addition comes as a warm welcome to those of us without 3D Blu-ray players, increasing the functionality of the Xbox One.

Mobile Purchases

With the assistance of the Xbox SmartGlass, or via, users now have the ability to purchase content online and away from their consoles. Be sure to activate your Xbox One to accept automatic updates, by doing so your console will boot-up and download immediately, your purchase will be waiting for you when you get home.


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