Pre-Orders Open for Microsoft’s Xbox One X Standard Edition

Xbox One X standard edition

If you happened to have missed the pre-orders last month for the special Project Scorpio version of the Xbox One X then today is the next best thing. The Xbox One X standard edition is now available for pre-order through the Microsoft and a host of retailers. The standard console differs from the Scorpio version in that it lacks a Scorpio logo on the console and controller. The standard console can be ordered for $499.99 today on Microsoft’s website.

The Xbox One X console will feature enhanced 4K resolution along with 60 frames per second. While the console will play the same games as the Xbox One S; games will be enhanced to take advantage of the larger resolution and faster frames per second. According to Microsoft a collection of “more than 130” games have been enhanced for the system.

Given that the consumer market is quickly embracing 4K televisions, how many of you are planning on grabbing an Xbox One X standard edition to take advantage of the increased resolution? Check back with us in the coming weeks for a list of all the components to take full advantage of the Xbox One X as well as the must-own games to grab leading up to our full Xbox One X review.


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