Pokémon Sun & Moon Trailer Introduces More Pokémon and Battle Royal Mode | E3 2016

The Nintendo Treehouse livestream event kicked off with new Pokémon Sun & Moon gameplay.

Yungoos is a normal type.

Pikapek is a normal/flying type

Grubbin is a bug type.

Encounters also look slightly different now as the player is warned with darkened screen edges before you get into the point of view of a trainer. Each trainer also has his or her own unique animations.

The gameplay showed off how battles now have new camera angles. Pokemon now cast shadows and how the time of day actually affects the lighting of the battlefield. The menus are laid out differently as well.

There’s also a new mode called Battle Royal, which is a free-for-all battle against three other people. Winners are decided depending on how many monsters you have at the end, versus how many people you defeated. It’s also possible for multiple people to gang up on someone.

What do you think of the new Pokemon revealed today? How about the new Battle Royale mode? Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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