Pokemon Sun & Moon Legendaries Unveiled & Put on Display

A new trailer for Pokemon Sun & Moon has been released and the Pokemon Company website have revealed new gameplay and details from the upcoming games.

The trailer reveals the names of both new legendaries. Solgaleo is the lion legendary from Pokemon Sun and is a Psychic and Steel type with the Full Metal Body ability (prevents its stats from being lowered) and has a new move called Sunsteel Strike. Lunala is a bat/moon-looking Pokemon and is obviously from Pokemon Moon. He is a Psychic and Ghost type with the Shadow Shield ability (takes less damage from attacks from Pokemon with full HP) and he has a new Moongeist Beam move.

Both Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam ignore the abilities of the Pokemon they hit.

Pokemon Sun And Moon will also be updating the Pokedex in a unique way. Rotom- a Pokemon introduced in Diamond & Pearl- is now part of a “next generation of Pokedexes” and will be able to speak to you.

We also got a look at the new characters, including Professor Kukui, Lillie (“Kukui’s mysterious assistant”), and Hau (“new friend in Alola”).

The website also introduces a new feature. Sun and Moon will include a QR code scanner, which allows players to register unseen Pokemon, adding a location marker for where they can be caught to your Pokedex. Players can share QR codes for Pokemon they’ve caught.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th in the United States and November 23rd in the UK. Are you excited for the game? What do you think of this new information? Let us know in the comments below!

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