Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo, Final Starter Evolutions Revealed

Pokemon Sun and Moon is a month away from release and today the new demo is playable on the Nintendo Estore. But for all those who won’t be playing the demo never fear, The Game Fanatics will give you all the action you missed.

The biggest news to come out of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo is certainly the unveiling of the final starter evolutions; it seems that this image was right all along. The final evolutions for Rowlett, Litten and Popplio are the unnamed Archer Owl, Wrestle Tiger and Majestic Seal Pokemons. The confirmed typings of each are still unknown but if the leaks were correct, Rowletts’ final evolution is a Grass/Flying, Litten is Fire/Dark and Popplio is Water/Fairy.

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Data-mined information posted by reddit user u/paumAlho also revealed the entire Pokedex for the region and there are a few new Pokemon peppered throughout it. More interestingly is the Ultra Beasts introduced for the story of this Pokemon game may have something to do with the NPC trainers. An image posted by reddit user u/2016-06-12 shows the possible correlation between trainers we’ve seen and Ultra Beasts shown. Of course at this point all of this wild speculation and we won’t know until the actual day of release just what Pokemon Sun and Moon Truly has in store for us. But if you can’t wait and want some more information head over to r/Pokemon on reddit, they are dishing out the dirt.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new info and if your choice for starter evolutions has changed since the final reveal of their forms. I know I was on the Rowlett train, but with Popplio’s final form, I’ve got some choices to make…

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