What We Played | June 4 – 10

Charles: Beat Max Payne 3 on the PC, no spoilers, but the game is pretty f’d up. I also got some time with LA Noire like I’d planned to last week. My gaming has been cut short with my learning of Cinema 4D and acclimatizing to Adobe CS6 from CS5.

Jeff: I haven’t played much this week other than Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, a more intelligently designed and compelling game than its predecessor. The battle against Quadraxis was absolutely fantastic, and better than many video game boss battles. Without giving much away, it strays from the “shoot it shoot it shoot it” mentality that so many battles have used since the arcade days. Seriously, this might be my favorite GameCube game ever, and I haven’t even finished it.

William: Diablo 3 and League of Legends, like usual. More Diablo 3 as of late as another one of my good friends started playing, so I’m getting in to my second character. Didn’t have a ton of time to game this weekend, but I’ve got to finish up Legend of Dragoon some time…

Logan: Been playing the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Event. Able to experience more of the Thief class and check out more WvWvW action and the new Catacombs dungeon. Guild Wars 2 is shaping up nicely and cannot come out fast enough!

Jen: It was a Saints Row 3 and SWTOR kind of week yet again! Trying to get two more characters to level 50, my dark Jedi and my Smuggler. There is no one on my server, Shien. Hopefully with the transfers that should be starting up soon, I can get on a more active RP server. Just messing around in SR3 with side missions. I really need to get the DLCs for that game.

Ben: Played through Limbo right before heading to E3. Game was pretty fun but I’m inclined to say that it was more annoying than anything else half the time. Anyway, the rest of the week was spent playing games at E3! You can read about most of the games I played on the site but I particularly enjoyed Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Quantum Conundrum, and Resident Evil 6.

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