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  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    On July 22 and 23 I had unprotected sex with my bf, he did not ejaculate inside of me but that was the only form of protection that we used. Starting on the following Thursday 7-29 I vommited shortly after eating breakfast and in the morning again on Friday. Saturday and Sunday there was no sickness, but Monday I got sick about three times in the morning and three times that evening. Tuesday I got sick in the morning, same on Wednesday and today Thursday. Wednesday I started bleeding slightly and it got heavier (sorta of medium) today and my period which is always regular is not due until August 7th so bleeding is occuring four days early. In addition to the vommiting daily, I have been feeling very bloated in my stomach, been feeling more tired than usual and have been going to bed earlier than usual. I have also been a little more forgetful than normal and I dont know if it is just my mind playing tricks on me but it seems like I can smell things more within the last few days. To top things off the 22nd of July was one of my ovulation days and that is one of the days we had sex. So all in all I am confused, I am showing signs of pregnancy (prodominantly vommiting) but not sure if that is what it could be especially since now I am bleeding? I did take a pregnancy test this past monday which read not pregnant but it was too early I am pretty sure it was six days before my expected period was due. I am basically reaching out to anyone that reads this that might be able to give me some insight to my situation, I am confused and am wondering how likely it may be that i may infact be pregnant? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  • nasty1

    First letter of your name:
    A- I killed
    B- I punched
    C- I raped
    D- I danced with
    E- I slept with
    F- I gave flowers to
    G- I messaged
    H- I kicked
    I- I made best friends with
    J- I licked
    K- I fell in love with
    L- I smelt
    M- I married
    N- I had dinner with
    O- I stole from
    P- I smiled at
    Q- I woke up with
    R- I got a train with
    S- I laughed at
    T- I smacked
    U- I ate
    V- I had sushi with
    W- I sat on a plane with
    X- I took a picture with
    Y- I went shopping with
    Z- I stared at

    First digit of your house number:
    1- Justin bieber
    2- Cody Simpson
    3- Zayn malik
    4- eminem
    5- Harry styles
    6- Liam payne
    7- a carrot
    8- my crush
    9- Louis Tomlinson

    (because) Date of your birthday:
    1- I wanted to
    2- I was dared too
    3- it was my lifelong dream
    4- I got paid too
    5- little people told me to
    6- he started it
    7- He ate my turtle
    8- he stole my carrots
    9- We were at the movies
    10- I won the lottery
    11- It was a good day
    12- I was having a bad day
    13- he said he loved me
    14- he’s amazing
    15- he’s hot
    16- I have big boobs
    17- I was happy
    18- he’s my best friend
    19- I fed him a cupcake
    20- he made a good joke
    21- My mum told me to
    22- Im in love with him
    23- he killed my best friend
    24- I was feeling sad
    25- he gave me chocolate
    26- we went shopping
    27- he fell asleep
    28- he’s in love with me
    29- He gave me his autograph
    30- I met him on the train
    31- I fell asleep

    And ( month of birth)
    Jan- it was the best day of my life
    Feb- he licked my arm
    Mar- he kissed me
    April- he helped with my homework
    May- he kicked me
    Jun- he married me
    July- It was the worst day of my life
    Aug- he stole my tv
    Sep- he ate my chocolate bunny
    Oct- he killed me
    Nov- he smelt like strawberries
    Dec- he didn’t call me back

    Comment what you get 🙂 hope you enjoyed it!

  • PolishPokeyPimp

    just met a girl i really liked but she never text back what should I do???this is how our texts look like
    Me: I wanted to play it cool and text you tomorrow but I couldn’t wait lol 9:49 PM
    Hahaha it’s cool 10:05 PM
    Me: I went across the gate to ask for your number but you was running fast lol I felt dumb that whole day 10:11 PM
    Awww really?? Gosh I’m sorry :/ lol You should’ve screamed or something. 10:12 PM
    Me: lol It’s ok, but today at church my boy said he had got tht other number I made em give it to me lol 10:17 PM
    yeah I was kinda confused when she told me you text her 10:18 PM
    Me: Idek who you liked,but you was the person I wanted to talked to 10:23 PM
    Oh you were both good looking, but you kinda hit home when you said you didn’t like black people lol 10:24 PM
    Me: lol same here, when you turning 16? 10:29 PM
    Next year 10:32 PM
    Me: oh thats cool my birthday in November 10:36 PM
    What day? 10:54 PM
    Me: The 12 10:58 PM
    Me: the 12th 10:58 PM
    Awww lol 10:58 PM
    Me: Lol when yours ? 11:00 PM
    : July 21st 11:00 PM
    Me: lol I don’t think your parents would like me im about to be 17 in three months 11:03 PM
    hey wouldn’t really have a problem I don’t think. 11:05 PM
    Me: That’s good,I really don’t know much about u but I can see that you are different, I don’t like followers to be real 11:10 PM
    That’s a good thing! Haha so um just to guess you’re not originally from southfield? 11:15 PM
    Me: lol naw, how you know? 11:19 PM
    you’re area code is 586 11:19 PM
    Me: oh yeah,but Im from sterling heights my dad wanted to be closer to his church so we moved..you from southfield? 11:22 PM
    Oh okay and yeah I am. 11:26 PM
    Me: so how many boys try to talk to u at cederpoint lol ? 11:28 PM
    Eh I believe 3 11:33 PM
    Me: lol i’m jealous 11:34 PM
    Noo not at all. It was really creepy or well they were creepy Lol 11:36 PM
    Me: Lol that made me smile 11:36 PM
    Haha good! 11:37 PM
    Me: lol, Im just glad I saw you caught my eye out of everybody that was their 11:41 PM
    Sorry im late I fell asleep but lol congrats 12:48 AM
    Me: lol It’s cool go back to sleep we can talk tomorrow 12:49 AM

  • diggn4richez

    Well for all of you who DON’T have myspace – or do- here is what they ahve said…,

    Category: Travel and Places
    Hey everyone!

    Today is a day we have been waiting for since last summer. We are announcing the first dates for our FIRST WORLD TOUR!!!

    We are thrilled to announce that we’re getting back out on the road for our FIRST WORLD TOUR – – THE JONAS BROTHERS WORLD TOUR 2009! We are so excited to come to your city and play you all our NEW music from our upcoming JUNE 15th album release! We will have very special guests opening for us on this tour – JORDIN SPARKS and HONOR SOCIETY! We’ve been hard at work in the studio and can’t wait for you to hear/see our new music. We’ve setup an amazing NEW STAGE for this tour that allows us to be even CLOSER to each and everyone of you. There are also fun new tricks like a Water Screen and other crazy stuff. Tickets in select markets go on sale March 20th (or March 16th if you’re a Fan Club member) and all dates are on sale March 28th. We are so excited and can’t wait for this amazing opportunity – OUR FIRST WORLD TOUR!!!

    We have several concerts planned in the Bahamas and Puerto Rico before the summer tour begins.

    Our WORLD TOUR begins in LATIN and SOUTH AMERICA. We cannot wait to visit South America for the first time. We will be in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

    After South America we start rehearsals for our most ambitious tour, stage, and performance ever. There will be NEW SONGS from our new CD, as well as our new TV show. There will also be more special features than you can imagine.

    After rehearsals we fly to EUROPE where we will have shows in Spain, France, and London, England and a few cities in the US for the WORLDWIDE RELEASE of our NEW CD. We are in the studio now working on new songs and sounds. We cannot wait to share them with you.

    Then we come back to NORTH AMERICA and tour throughout most of the summer in the US and CANADA.

    Our first World Tour date is in DALLAS, TEXAS at the NEW COWBOYS STADIUM. This will be an EXTRA SPECIAL show that will include SPECIAL GUESTS like we have done in previous shows in LA and Nashville. You never know who might join us on stage!!!! We are so excited to start our tour in this amazing new stadium.

    The rest of the summer tour will bring us through cities throughout North America.





    May 19 Lima, Peru
    May 20 Santiago, Chile
    May 21 Buenos Aires, Argentina
    May 23 Sao Paulo, Brazil
    May 24 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    June 20 Dallas, TX New Cowboys Stadium
    June 22 Tulsa, OK BOK Center
    June 24 Denver, CO Pepsi Center
    June 26 Nampa, ID Idaho Center
    June 27 Portland, OR Rose Garden Arena
    June 28 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
    June 30 Vancouver, BC General Motors Place

    July 2 Edmonton, AB Rexall Place
    July 4 Salt Lake City, UT Stadium Of Fire (on sale now)
    July 5 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre
    July 7 Omaha, NE Qwest Center
    July 8 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
    July 9 Milwaukee, WI Bradley Center
    July 10 Rosemont, IL Allstate Arena
    July 13 Washington, DC Verizon Center
    July 14 East Rutherford, NJ IZOD Center
    July 17 Boston, MA TD Banknorth Garden
    July 20 Uniondale, NY Nassau Coliseum
    July 24 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center
    July 25 Pittsburgh, PA Mellon Arena
    July 26 Detroit, MI Palace Of Auburn Hills
    July 28 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center
    July 29 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center

    August 1 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events Center
    August 3 San Jose, CA HP Pavilion at San Jose
    August 4 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena
    August 5 Fresno, CA Save Mart Center
    August 7 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center
    August 11 Phoenix, AZ Jobing.com Arena
    August 13 San Antonio, TX AT&T Center
    August 14 Houston, TX Toyota Center
    August 15 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
    August 16 Birmingham, AL BJCC
    August 18 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
    August 19 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Bank Atlantic Center
    August 21 Jacksonville, FL Jacksonville Veterans’ Memorial
    August 22 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena
    August 23 Lexington, KY Rupp Arena
    August 25 Nashville, TN Sommet Center
    August 26 Columbus, OH Nationwide Arena
    August 27 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena
    August 29 Montreal, QC Bell Centre
    August 30 Toronto, ON Rogers Centre
    August 31 Ottawa, ON Scotiabank Place

    Additional European (3 weeks plus), Australian, and Asian dates to be announced!

    Thanks for helping make our dreams come true. We cannot wait to see you again (and some for the first time) our our first WORLD TOUR 2009.


    Kevin, Joe and Nick

    Is it just me or did everyone else see that NEW ZEALAND Isn’

  • SteveO

    Thanks in advance. There may be spelling errors as I’m typing this via my blackberry.

    Anyways, I really need advice as my ex is honestly playing with my head as my friends put it. I was with my ex for fourteen months (23.02.2011 too 29.04.2012). While we was together we never argued once or fell out untill the last month (april) of what lead to us breaking up. The reasons personal but I found out I may not be able to have children and I wanted to stop birthcontrol and try for a baby and he lashed out and dumped me. Anywho after the breakup it broke my hard as it was after our first argument and he already started to slag me off to people and say all I was good for is sex. So I went round his demanding answers of what lead to another row and me screaming ‘(name) Uses people for sex and is a rapist’ out of anger. Yes I no it was out of line. We didn’t talk since.

    But last week (Tues, 3rd July) him and I started messaging one-another and arranged to meet up. Of what lead to us holding hands, talking about everything and we also kissed. He said he regretted endeding it, loves me and misses me BUT we had to build bridges in order to be together again. Of what I agree. But by friday that week he sent me a message saying he can’t do this and blocked me on everything. I later found out his parents were disappointed that we’re talking again. So I spammed his Blackberry and got a reply and he said “I can’t be with you as I can’t forgive you for what you said when we broke up” my instant reply was “Why kiss me if you couldn’t forgive me”. I haven’t recived a reply since but a previous ex has shown that he’d like us to be together again and my ex saw it and said this too a mutral friend of ours ‘Oh see she goes with somebody else shows how much she cares’.. Considering I’m not dating anybody I don’t get what he means :/…

    Anyways.. Got any advice as I can’t stop thinking about him.

    I’m eighteen by the way, live alone, work and study. Before you judge.

  • Jack Bauer

    So I only met him about 3 weeks ago and we started hanging out Friday and now it’s Wednesday, but here the details: I’m 23, he is 29 and we randomly met at a coffee shop. On Friday we hung out at a bar with his friends and my friends. He later asked my roommate outside of the bar if he thinks I like him, said he wanted to hang out with me so bad. We almost had sex Saturday morning, we made out a lot but then my best friend and my roommate came knocking on the door. Then him, his friends, my best friend and I went to watch the world cup (my home country was playing). During the day he went on a trip with his friends but when he came home at night he called me. Sunday (4th of July) he skipped a BBQ with his friends and joined my friends and me for a picnic at a park all day. Later that night my friends and his friends all met up and we watched fireworks from a hill. Sunday night he stayed at my place again, we had sex and the next morning we had sex also. Then he spent all Monday with my male roommate and me, just walking around, eating and talking. When we said bye we made out for a long time, I told him I liked him and he told me he liked me a lot. Tuesday night I texted him and was wondering what he was up to. He invited me to a bar, hung out with his friends, his roommates and my roommates then later had sex twice again. This morning we got coffee together and later he came to a bar where I was at to watch the worlcup with me. After he invited me over to his place. He basically got ready for work, nothing happened.

    I know, it sounds like he likes me, but so far we haven’t been on a real date and we have already had sex a few times. I am falling for this man quickly. He is incredibly good looking, very nice and reliable and on top of that he tells me a lot about him, his family and friends and wants to know a lot about me.

    Please..I want to hear an opinion since it is still too early to talk to him about this at this point.
    ok, many here think we have had nothing but sex, but we have almost spent every day together since we started hanging out and we did not just have sex all the time. I think having sex is something natural and mutual that both want. He introduces me to everybody, he gets along with my friends (male and female) but doesn’t really pay attention to other girls. He looks me in the eyes a lot and is very affectionate when we are alone (Im not the kind of person either who makes out in front of friends). He likes to talk to me and tells me a lot and he is interested in me, my family, job etc. Plus he always calls when he says he will and often meets me where I am. The first time we almost had sex he even said “do you want to go watch the soccer game instead?” since my home country played. He always makes sure I’m fine, offers me his jacket and according to my (male, gay) roommate “takes care of me”.

  • John

    This year me and my friends wanna have the bet summer. I need more suggestions for a teen summer bucket list!
    heres what we have so farr:

    1) go skinny dipping
    2) sneak out
    3) read every nicholas sparks book
    4) have a cute summer relationship
    5) ask to get each nail a different color at the nail salon
    6) attach a lock to a love bridge
    7) sing call me maybe to a stranger
    8) make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth
    9) camp out in backyard
    10) massive water balloon fight
    11) whip cream fight
    12) go jogging early each day
    13) go to yogurt oasis
    14) go to the beach
    15) swim in the creek
    16) go mini golfing
    17) make a new friend
    18) freeze a water balloon and pull off the balloon part
    19) fill the bathtub with ice and sit in it for 20 minutes
    20) hold a strangers hand on a roller coaster
    21) say yes to everything for a day
    22) have a movie night
    23) walk around with a free hugs sign
    24) go for a walk through the woods, blindfolded and tied to your bestfriend
    25) find random recipes online and make one
    26) take a picture with a stranger
    27) eat at the local diner
    28) crush a watermelon with a baseball bat
    29) play twister with pudding all over the mat
    30) have an egg fight
    31) ride paddle boats
    32) make a finger painting
    33) night swimming
    34) paint fight
    35) dance behind people until they realize
    36) finish my summer homework by july
    37) explode coke with mentos
    38) fry an egg on the sidewalk
    39) go firefly catching
    40) have a spa day
    41) go laser tagging