PAX Prime | Hands on Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies

Hold it! Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies was at PAX Prime and The Game Fanatics had a chance to play it!

Phoenix Wright is back, along with Apollo Justice in Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies for the Nintendo 3DS. This is the fastest Phoenix Wright game to hit the American market after being released in Japan. One reason for the speedy turnaround is because this game is digital. Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies is a test. Capcom is releasing this title as a download only from the Nintendo 3DS store. You won’t be able to get your hands on the actual game or the collector’s edition that was sold in Japan. Capcom wants to test how digital released games work. If Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies sells well it could mean more games out of Capcom will receive the same treatment.

phoenixwrightPhoenix Wright Dual Destinies is a courtroom drama where you have to protect the innocent and root out the guilty. Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies takes the Phoenix Wright series to a new level, a 3D one. Yes you can play Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies with the 3D off but why would you. The simple visuals look stunning in 3D, giving the player a more realistic view. The 3D aspect of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies allows you to search for clues like never before. I was very impressed on how Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies and the 3D work well together. Anyone who is a fan of this series will not be let down.

Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies takes place a year after Apollo Justice and Capcom was smart enough to age the characters. You can tell that they are older and the experiences that they have faced in past games shows. Once again the gameplay is split between the courtroom scene and the investigation where you can rotate the room in order to search for clues.

We should see the release of Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies this year, perhaps near the tail end. It will be available though the Nintendo eShop only for thirty dollars.

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