PAX Prime 2014 | Logitech Shows Off Three New Mice

Over the weekend, Logitech gave me a quick demo of some of their new hardware they’re going to be emphasizing in the coming year. We focused mainly on three different models of mouse. Both wireless and wired mice, they focus was on high performance gaming.

Logitech G-602:


The only of the three mice to be wireless, the G-602 focuses on battery longevity. With 250 hours of battery life, Logitech hopes that the G-602 will become the world’s leading wireless gaming mouse within the year. The G-602 also has 12 customizable buttons for game players to use to create various shortcuts. With this product, Logitech is aiming at an all-purpose gaming crowd, though it would be particularly useful for MMORPG players, given the degree of function customization and the wireless nature.

Logitech G-502:


The G-502 is focused on e-sports use, and has a customization system of weights that allowed users to personalize the feel of their mouse. Apparently this even goes so far as to allow users to dictate the balance of their device. Boasting 12,000 maximum dpi, and performance accurate up to 300 ips (inches per second) so that the device won’t falter under a gamer’s rapid movements and ensure a consistently high quality performance.

This device is geared towards FPS players, but should work go just about everyone.

Logitech G-402:


The G-402 seemed very similar to the G-502 with one core difference. The mouse had held up in situations of up to 500 ips (and really that’s just because that’s as fast as they could test it). It also has an accelerometer to help control a smooth transition from faster movement to slower movement.

All of these mice should be looked at as very capable mice for gaming purposes. While they have their tweaks (wireless vs wired, custom weights vs set weight) as well as their subtle differences in grip feel, they should all serve the vast majority of gamers well. I’m not sure how many of us need a mouse that’s stable at 500 ips, I know I don’t do anything that strenuous, but these mice should work for everyone from casual gamer to aspiring e-sports star.

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