PAX Prime 2012 | Halo Reborn

Halo sells itself. The fanbase is massive, filled with professional teams, cosplayers, and people who just want or think that they can kick some butt. No matter what type of Halo player you are, Halo 4 is something to talk about. After checking out the panel for X-COM, I quickly got out to make sure to get in line for the Halo panel, called Halo Reborn. When Halo is at any convention, it will always cause the masses to flock towards it. Thankfully I was able to get at the front of the line. Halo means long lines. I was shocked to see people showing up ten minutes before the panel was set to start and this caused the PAX Prime enforcers to turn away people. Roughly 100 people were not able to attend the panel. It was a huge shame that this panel was not in the main theater, which would have been able to hold the masses. Regardless, if you plan on going to anything Halo or pick up a Halo game at midnight, get there early, it will be well worth it.

Halo Reborn is just that. The rebirth of a possible new series for Halo. The reinvention of Master Chief, where we learn that he isn’t just a man in a armor suit. In Halo 4, we will see how human Spartan 117 and Cortana can truly be. During the journey, the story of Master Chief and Cortana will go deeper and darker than ever before as Cortana must face her mortality. It can even be said that Cortana is more human than the entire human cast of Halo 4.

Multiplayer and Halo go hand in hand. As the franchise moves on, changes for the better must be made. In order to win, the team with the most points wins. You can get points for kills, assists and simply taking down the opposition with style. One of which is killing your target with the flag during capture the flag. I’m not talking about a simple melee kill, but a nice bloody kill. Not only can you kill with the flag but in your other hand will be a handgun. Finally we get to either shoot or melee while holding onto the flag. Fans of oddball will love how you can throw the ball now, not just carry it. And as in throw, I mean throw the skull to your teammate. This will make for some fun videos on YouTube, I am sure of it. Anyone for a game of monkey in the middle?

However you look at it, Halo 4 will sell. It is nice to see that 343 is indeed trying to make Halo 4 the best or at least close enough to the best Halo game to date. Are you planning on picking up Halo 4? What are your thoughts on the game and on Halo in general?

Check out the pictures that I took during the Halo Reborn panel:

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