PAX East: Hitman Absolution Preview

  • dreadelf

    Im sure you had fun writing this article eh? 😉

  • Elinor Sturgell

    I want to write the tales for game titles and I want to perform with Square Enix. I Am in school correct now so what courses really should I focus on mostly to get there?
    I’ve had my English lecturers read components of my stories and they are fascinated with my work.

  • Louisa Ellman

    I want to pursue a profession in graphic design or sport design. My dream would be to be capable to 1 day function for Disney or Sq. Enix. How would you get a work with them? I know it can not be as easy as applying for any outdated job.

  • Anne Felton

    I want to compose the stories for game titles and I want to function with Square Enix. I Am in college right now so what courses really should I emphasis on mainly to get there?
    I’ve had my English teachers read parts of my tales and they are intrigued with my work.

  • Scorch Delta-62

    I applied to square enix to be a beta tester for the new Final Fantasy XIV and i was just wondering if anyone who has already applied is able to tell me about how long it takes square enix to email you back with an answer. Thanks!

  • stephen m

    I already know how great Square Enix is. PS1, please. Do you know any?
    I guess I’d prefer turn-based ones, especially tactical. But whatever you can come up with is good.

  • ademuth93

    They are ruining games that don’t belong to them:Dungeion siege 3,Thief4 they turn entire franchies upside down and “japanize” it with every ascpect of an american game being japaneas WTF!And all of their rpgs arent real rpgs just streamlind adventure games (Final Fantasy) please square enix:quit makeing video games!Does anyone agree?

  • Brody S

    What programming software does Square-Enix use to create their Final Fantasy games, and their in game CGI scenes?

    Also what kind of laptop can I get to program and output my games at such a horsepower?

  • Zack Faria

    it seems people keep taking equality violence away from games, first the games start keeping you from killing children, and some keep you from killing women. in Hitman you could kill adults only, but is absolution going to be the same? Or are they going to life-preserve woman?

  • The Villain

    In a science experiment, the object in discussion increased in lenght from 47 mm to 51 mm. How do I calculate the percentage change and what is the formula for that?

  • skillz

    I need to find out what the carbon footprint, expressed in tonnes of C02 for a company who uses 331,373kgs per annum of recycled cardboard, 37,249kgs of plastic punnets, 47,927.62kgs of plastic film, which is made up of polypropylene and polyethylene, and 6,039kgs of salad dressing bottles per annum.

    I need the answer asap, along with how you came to this conclusion and the workings invloved.

  • arronwrath

    What if you have 3 number 13s and 3 number 17s and 1 number 16 and all together you have 47 .. what is the disorder you get and some information about it please … thank you !
    This is a Biology Project and i cant find any details about my case in google at all … if this helps lets suppose that there are 2 number 16s not one …maybe i lost one but i can easily find it .. what would be the case then?

  • nyyankees1123

    I am 47 new to programming. What are my chances to become an intermediate Flex 3/Actionscript 3 developer at 47 and find a decent job? How long will that take? How many hours of study per day should I devote?

  • mmminja

    i love the final fantasy graphics, so i was wondering if square enix is planning on making another movie (like final fantasy versus XIII 😉

  • Rkmc

    I am using a shovel and wheelbarrow to move soil to the opposite end of a yard. How much should I charge to do this for an area of dirt which is 47 feet long 13 feet wide and nine inches deep?

  • clntvrrt

    I was given my promotional code but never used it is there anyway i can find it?

  • Nick

    My dad’s wondering how many hours of sleep he should get, he is 47 years old, any one?

  • Rishabh Bajpai

    I LOVE Rpgs and I need a really big list of good ones that people have played and love. Anything like Final Fantasy I’ll play (Have all of them already along with Pokemon and Zelda) Thanks!

  • colingrillo

    Even if it is surpassed in the near future, it will probably resemble an AK-47. What a living legend.

  • Johnky J

    My dad is 47 years old and he used to run cross country in high school. He has always wanted to run a marathon but has never gotten around to do so. While he has not run in years, he is still pretty thin and doesn’t have any major health problems. Does anyone know a schedule that will gradually get him fit enough to run a marathon (at least finish)? He’s probably going to need to start off really really slow. All advice (diet, training schedules, stretching excercises, length of time he should train) will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • borabora5524

    I keep reading that if American Soldiers search an Iraqi house, and find one AK-47, that is fine, because it is normal for every Iraqi man to have one to defend his house.

    How can you be a brutal dictator if you permit your citizens/subjects to have weapons? This makes no sense to me.

  • MentallyCryppled

    Painting walls, and it ends up being about 47 square meters. How much paint do I need for one coat?

  • heavenly sword

    Example final fantasy kingdomhearts I’ve wondered how do they come up with amazing story line? Who rights it? The story inspire me in a way. I just love it I wanna know how hey write it

  • kamikami

    I want to email square enix with a game idea. I don’t think they would pay attention to me but I want to email them anyways. If you can give me the email address I’m asking for then thanks!!! 🙂
    Please Don’t Say That I’m Wasting My Time or Anything Like That.

  • _marky_mark_

    I have a level 47 night elf druid on world of warcraft and it has been fun up till now as i have tried out a death knight on my sisters account and there just for me! But i have to get to 55 first. Any help with leveling quickly? I also find druids pretty boring, i guess they’re funner when your a higher level.