PAX East – Day Two Recap


    this Gaming News sucks…

  • Malinda Shurtliff

    It looks that a whole lot of people agree that if somebody practices premarital sex, that they can kiss their dreams of acquiring a effective marriage and loved ones goodbye.

    Can folks have a successful marriage even if they had premarital sex?

  • Melisa Klenke

    I feel the two wopuld be great, but for me, I Would go with a career, as you’ve a thing to fall back upon if a thing poor happens, and is a little bit a lot more protected in the lengthy run since you know what you are doing and work fulfillment offers you a little bit of delight and greatfulness for what you contribute in society, while in a relationship, ppl can be swift to adjust and thus, not as secure. Is this selfish? I Would relatively have both, but if I had to decide on I’d fairly have a successful career than a successful marriage. You?

  • Monique Spalding

    I know people who’ve gotten married soon after the 1st month of understanding each other, and they previous forever. I also know folks who’ve gotten married soon after a long time of dating, and they get a divorce. I know men and women with an actual opposite of the tales I earlier mentioned. Nevertheless, statistically speaking does a prolonged courtship equal a effective marriage?

  • Harriett Legler

    Wherever you can decide on the way you eliminate the target like in Blood Money?
    And use stealth and method to make the targets loss of life look accidental and so on…

  • Saundra Jarvie

    I actually want it but i’ve searched it and it states the release date is TBA but questioned if there was any update on that?

  • Louisa Ellman

    Obviously lifestyle would by ideal. but thats most likely significantly less than 1% of the population there. So whats a profitable marriage?

  • Lizzie Galatioto

    Just how important is sexual compatibility between two people in a successful marriage/long term relationship?

  • nmlpc

    What do YOU think makes a marriage successful?

  • liza

    I fyou have a successful marriage, unsuccessful marriage or any stories about marrying military im interested.
    I am getting married next week to the most amazing, gorgeous man in the world. I’m just interested in other’s stories of success, love, failure, an just being married to military in general.
    Don’t lecture either, I know this is serious business and what I am gettin myself into.

  • Joey 01

    You pay $18 for a three month subscription and you get free games like Trine 2, Awesomenauts, Rock of Ages…
    You get free PS mini games, most suck to be honest but some are gems…
    You get free PSone classics…
    and now after E3 you will get 12 triple AAA titles for free each month starting with LBP 2, Saints row 2 and Infamous 2.
    All this for $18 or even cheaper $50 for an entire year… Themes and Avatars are also free (SOME)
    Every month free games on ps plus changes…. now its actually every week

  • Ryan Dunn

    I really want BF3 for ps3 but don’t have the money if anyone has battlefield 3 and bought it recently off of the psn store i will be willing to gameshare it with you if your interested comment below

    ~~~~Game List~~~~~
    Rock of Ages
    Farcry 2
    Dragon Age Origins
    Shank 2
    Plants vs Zombies
    Trine 2
    Accsess to ghost recon future soldier beta
    From Dust
    Fallout New Vegas honest hearts
    Sonic the hedge hog 2
    + all games availble for free now for ps plus :3

    if your interested and not a scammer comment below of what games u want ( you can even take all them if you want i really want BF3)

  • Chris R

    I am having a bit of problems with steam. first off, i recently purchased Payday: The Heist and it was installed correctly without problems and the game won’t start. the notification thing says “preparing to start Payday” then the window pops up like it wants to play then it loads for a couple of seconds then exits out without an error message or anything. the second thing is that I tried to add Awesomenauts to my Steam library but i can’t seem to find where to do it. I’m sure the problem isn’t with system requirements or lack of space because i have plenty of space and it runs other games similar to this if not better.

  • Thomas A

    ok does anybody know where i could get a demo or full game of awesomenauts for free or give me a code or something i need this badly
    i forgot to mention that im on pc not xbox

  • andresumoza

    I really want to stick to the online ones where you could play with other people. I’m already thinking about getting Awesomenauts.

  • Smashing Pumpkins

    the account im trying to sell off has over 130 games on it tons of dlc and just under 1,000 rock band songs tied to it.. after adding everything up ive paid a little over $3,000 for the account im looking to let it go much cheaper obviously.. do any of you know where is a good trustworthy site to post this thing and get it sold ? craigslist just isnt cutting it
    if by chance anyone here is interested here is a list of the games
    Saints row 2, the walking dead, the walking dead episode 2, mortal Kombat, ratchet and clank all 4 one, war hammer 40k, house of the dead 3, tomb raider, Lara croft guardian of light, just cause 2, chop lifter hd, hard corps, virtua fighter 5, little big planet 2, rock of ages, far cry 2, tribe 2, swords and soldiers, plants vs zombies, frogged returns, the Simpsons, fatal inertia, golden axe, sonic the hedgehog 2, streets of rage 2, altered beast, comix zone, bomber man , elemental monster online, costume quest, hamster ball, marvel pinball, inferno pool, hydrophobia: prophecy, I must run, 1000 tiny claws, omgz, awesomenauts, speedball 2, sly cooper, destruction derby, jet Moto, oddworld, all zombies must die, worms ultimate mayhem, twisted metal black, shank, shank 2, Gotham city impostors, sonic the hedgehog 4, renegade ops, magic the gathering, zombie apocalypse, zombie apocalypse 2, ghostbusters, burnout crash, beathazard, sideway new York, metal slug 2, Odin sphere, castlevaynia harmony of despair, crisis, dead nation, dead nation 2, acceleration of suguri, dungeon hunter alliance, god of war, xenogears, sonic adventure, free realms, ricochet, worms, worms 2, pain, high velocity bowling, mortal Kombat 2, castle crashers, aquatopia, mesmerize, marvel vs Capcom 2, battlefield 1943, final fantasy 7, infamous 2, rag doll Kung fu, burn zombie burn, castlevaynia chronicles, age of booty, super street fighter hd remix, linger in shadows, geon, burnout paradise, wipeout HD, megaman 9, nova strike, war hawk, street fighter alpha, bionic commando, bionic commando 2, gripshift, pixel junk Eden, pixel junk monsters, 1942, tekken 5 dark resurrection, super stardust, PAC man championship edition, Tetris, wake boarding hd, age of zombies, angry birds,Armageddon riders, neutopia, resident evil 2, resident evil 4, go sudoku, soldner x, battle fantasia JUST ADDED saints row the third with $20 worth of dlc, outland and bloodrayne

  • SteveO

    Is it possibly for me to licence transfer my awesomenauts game to a friend? There is the option to do a licence transfer once a year on xbox and I wondered if it would work because when I tried it, he didn’t get the full game, just the trial?

  • Jairo

    I can launch the game, but when it finishes I get that message. Please help?!!?

  • borabora5524

    Hi, my friend and I decided to collaborate and preorder Borderlands 2 off the PS Store, from his account. That way we would both get the game for half the price it should be, so we would save ourselves some money (obviously). We have done this kind of thing many times in the past, sharing games and DLC from each others accounts and they have all worked fine without issues.

    However, with the Borderlands 2 preorder, we can both download it from his account and install it, and when he tries to load it (or I try to load up while logged in on his account on my PS3) it says what we expected – “This content cannot be accessed at this time” – which is to be expected as it’s a preorder and it’s not out yet. But when I try to launch it while logged in as me it says “This content can be used if you renew the license in the Playstation Store”. Some quick googling told me that this is usually a problem with his account not being active on my PS3, but his account is active and I can play other games like Awesomenauts and Burnout Paradise from his account just fine. Also, when he is on his PS3 and logged in as me, he gets the same message when trying to launch Borderlands 2 – “This content can be accessed if you renew the license in the Playstation Store.”.

    To me this implies that I won’t be able to play Borderlands 2 when it comes out. I don’t want to have to waste more money buying another copy so I’m wondering if this is some sort of glitch or there is a way around it.

    -Borderlands 2 was downloaded from his account
    -His account is active on my PS3 console.
    -It works properly if I’m logged in as him and try to launch it.
    -It doesn’t work if I’m logged in on my account and try to launch it
    -Other games and DLC work just fine that have been downloaded from his account such as Awesomenauts, Burnout, Need For Speed, Borderlands 1 DLC’s among many other things.

    Just wondering if there was a way around this, or if it is simply a bug and it’ll work fine on release, because I don’t want to wait until it comes out to find that I can’t play and he can.

    Thanks in advance.
    Edit: We want to be able to play together obviously, so logging into his account and playing from there isn’t really an option. We’d both like to be logged in to our own accounts and playing at the same time.