PAX Australia Announces Creator Ron Gilbert as Storytime Keynote Speaker

With the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) heading to Australia less than half a year away, fans can now look forward to Ron Gilbert of Monkey Island fame to open the event as “storytime” keynote speaker.

Beginning on Friday, July 19 through the 21st this summer, the annual expo attendees will be among the company of other notable members of the industry such as the familiar Penny Arcade crew and Rooster Teeth. Hugely talented and theatrical Queen cover band The Protomen and MC Frontalot will also bring their musical presence.

Keynote speaker Gilbert is also the producer of The Cave, a recently released and hyped up adventure platform and successor to Maniac Mansion. Developed by Double Fine Productions with another former LucasArts team member Tim Schafer, The Cave carries forth the developer’s distinctive humor consistent with its other titles.

PAX Australia will also be taking place the same weekend as the 2013 San Diego Comic Con. It will be coming to the country’s second largest city at the Melbourne Showgrounds, and similar to the coinciding California convention, tickets are going fast as it has already sold out of three-day and Saturday passes.

For more information regarding registration, forums for travel arrangements, and photo galleries, check out the official PAX Australia website.


Source: PAX Australia

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