Overwatch Season One Competitive Wrapping up

It’s been a grueling first season for Overwatch‘s competitive mode but come August 17th, ranked matches will come to a close and prizes will be awarded.

According to Blizzard’s Battle.net forum., season one ends on August 17th at 5 p.m. PT. This is a day earlier than initially announced when the competitive mode went online in June. A whole day doesn’t really make that much of a difference but now is the time to start gathering the squad to increase those placement ranks.

Once competitive mode goes offline, it won’t be available again for play until September 6th when the second season is supposedly kicking off. Until that time, players can hone their skills in quick play, custom matches or even training. There’s even the special rotating modes for players to enjoy like Lucioball, which is currently on-going in spirit of the Summer Games.

When the competitive mode finally ends, everyone who participated in this season will receive rewards for their hard work. Of course, that’s as long as players finish the 10 mandatory placement matches first. For all competitive participators, a special spray and player icon will be awarded upon season one’s conclusion. For those of whom finish among the top 500 in their specific region and platform, those players will receive an extra spray and icon.

In addition to sprays and icons, competitive points will be rewarded to players based on their skill placement. Competitive points are used to purchase golden guns for each individual characters. They don’t increase stats or anything but they just look pretty cool.

Season two is set to run longer than the first, going from September 6th to August 22nd. Good luck leveling up and enjoy the break until competitive mode comes back in the Fall!

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