Origin PC Offering Goodies in July

With June nearly over and July on the horizon. It’s time to get ready for those big sales celebrating America’s independence, and of course making stuff blow up!

But we’re not a firework site, we’re a gaming and technology site, and today I have the pleasure of informing you, our most treasured readers that Origin PC, will have awesome deals for anyone whose looking to purchase a new gaming PC from them between July 4th- July 7th 2014.

I expect there’ll be heavy traffic from people trying to get in on this deal. So hurry on over to their website, and check out some of their custom PC configurations that are sure to make your face melt.

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Miami, FL – June 23, 2014 — ORIGIN PC announced today an exclusive 4th of July promotion for their award-winning line of GENESIS, MILLENNIUM, CHRONOS desktops and EON laptops. Customers who purchase any ORIGIN PC desktop or laptop today can receive FREE U.S. Ground shipping; plus their choice of a single item from the list below: ·

  • A FREE ORIGIN PC Edition Razer BlackWidow Keyboard ·
  • A FREE ORIGIN PC Edition Razer Taipan Mouse with a Goliathus Mouse-Mat ·
  • A FREE Razer Kraken Pro Headset

Up to $250 in value!

Using Razer’s proven formula for delivering the utmost quality and performance, ORIGIN PC chose the best Razer has to offer for ORIGIN PC Edition peripherals with an exclusive black and red backlit color scheme. The ORIGIN PC Razer BlackWidow keyboard, Taipan mouse and Goliathus mouse mat puts the power of an ORIGIN PC at a user’s fingertips, providing the tools needed to obliterate the competition.

The Razer Kraken Pro is a gaming headset fully focused on ergonomics for the head. Weight, functionality and performance were the key variables identified and perfectly balanced for the most comfortable gaming headset. Ever. The choice is now yours! Take full advantage of ORIGIN PC’s 4th of July special for a limited time only and while supplies last!

To learn more about ORIGIN PC’s 4th of July Promotion, please visit www.ORIGINPC.com[/toggle]




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