NYCC '11: Mass Effect: Invasion Hints at The Threat to Come in ME3

Dark Horse’s new comic MASS EFFECT: INVASION issue #1 will be out on October 19th, but if you were at New York Comic Con you might have gotten to read the issue already.

The 4 part series will be staring the Asari Aria who runs Omega from her private booth in Afterlife night club. In INVASION, Aria is out of her booth and on the front lines of the newest conflict to strike the galaxy–SPOILERS –Adjutants, remnants of Reaper technology that Cerberus just couldn’t leave alone.

The story is self contained and though it is technically a prequel to Mass Effect 3, INVASION can stand on it’s own as a kind of four part one-shot.

The writing and illustrations are on point and, as always with the Mass Effect Universe, so is the story telling.

Being able to hear so many different voices and see so many perspectives add a dimensionality to the story that we don’t always get when only seeing Shepard’s take on a galaxy-wide situation.

I’m an Aria fan and am pleased to see her get to be the star she truly is.

Check out the preview via the Dark Horse site.

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