Nintendo Releases NES Remix on Wii U

Nintendo may have a reputation of being “kings of the rehash,” but NES Remix, their attempt to introduce newer gamers to the NES generation of gaming, is definitely unique in playing that up.

Announced during the December 17th Nintendo Direct, NES Remix evokes memories of the WarioWare series: you get a set of minigames with clear and simple goals, like “finish the level” or “make Luigi die,” only this time all of them are set in Nintendo‘s classic 8-bit titles. The results can be both funny and chaotic.

Luigi Dies

In addition to small portions of classic games as you remember them, NES Remix throws a few monkey wrenches into the mix, like putting The Legend of Zelda‘s main character, Link, into the original Donkey Kong, or randomly turning out the lights in classic Super Mario Bros. levels, forcing you to play without knowing where the platforms are.

There are 16 games represented in NES Remix, and you’re given the option of buying the full versions of the games within. The only problem is the price: NES Remix is available now for Wii U in the Nintendo eShop for $15.99, which some may think is a bit pricey for a collection of minigames.

Check out the NES Remix launch trailer below, and let us know what you think!

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