Iwata Returns with New 3DS and Xenoblade Chronicles

Nintendo Direct woos the gaming community today with three huge announcements.

Nintendo released a Japanese only Nintendo Direct that just blew the minds of everyone watching. There were trailers and accessories announced, but the show was seemingly stolen by three huge announcements. Smash Brothers roster information was presented, brand new 3DS, and a Xenoblade Chronicles handheld port incoming.

First things first, we received confirmation that Shulk, from the original Xenoblade Chronicles, is in the newest Super Smash Bros character added to the roster. He seems to have a unique fighting style revolving around the Monado. Furthermore, this reveal lends credit to the most recent Super Smash Bros. roster leak.

That would have been a large announcement itself for the Smash community, but the true bomb was the announcement of the new 3DS. It features a new GPU, second control stick, Super Famicom button colors, four shoulder buttons, micro-SD, NFC support built in, a new internet browser, faster downloads, and a vastly improved 3D sweet spot among other things. There’s also the ability to accessorize the menu and the cover plates.

To top this off, the extra power of the new 3DS allows Nintendo to do some pretty interesting things. Things like porting the highly praised, and fairly massive, Xenoblade Chronicles to the new handheld in all its glory.

Hopefully, Nintendo can follow up these massive announcements by declaring their intent to properly bring the title overseas this time.

Watch the video below:

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